Northwest Herald Carriers’ Tips Taken by District Manager

From a Crystal Lake Friend of McHenry County Blog:

So I’ve been a Northwest Herald subscriber for many years.

About 4 years ago I added tips for my carrier into the automatic billing that they submit to my bank each month.

Suddenly, today, I’ve been alerted by my carrier that the tips were being pocketed by the district manager.

The carrier had not received those tips all this time!

The carrier didn’t even know that I was providing a tip until the district manager recently left and they then finally began receiving it. 

I’ve contacted the paper (waiting to hear back), but I’ve also submitted a consumer complaint with the Illinois Attorney General Consumer Complaint division. 

What kind of scumbags would keep tips that should be going to people doing low pay grunt work?

As a former paper boy for the Middletown Daily Record, one of the first offset printed papers in the country, I remember going door-to-door Friday nights collecting the cost of the paper and, sometimes, some tips for the one hundred papers I delivered.

If people did not pay, as one man who never answered the door failed to do, I had to eat the cost of the papers.


Northwest Herald Carriers’ Tips Taken by District Manager — 14 Comments

  1. So what’s the big surprise here ?

    This is the way DEMOCRATS have operated past, present and future.

    Better learn to deal with it because this is what the next 4 years will bring
    if Joe & the Ho are allowed to steal he election.

  2. Way to go Shaw Media Empire,(publishers of NW Herald) you cant even ensure a process designed to get money designated for frontline workers makes it to them?

    Somethings very wrong in an accounting/auditing process that could ever allow for this to occur.

    Like Abe pointed out, probably a Dem thing.

    The old “10 to the Big Guy” routine, but in this case, reads like “All to the Big Guy”.

    Our Carrier always inserts a Christmas Card with their return address on it, and I’d simply drop a Card with money in it that way—I never have used the tip part on the bill, for some reason didnt trust it, and now it seems I wasnt wrong.

    Shameful NW Herald and Shaw Publising.

  3. The CORRUPTION in HELL-inois is prevalent !

    Started carrying cash & tipping people directly.

    So much greed around 😒



  5. Ones that work at a third world paper.

    The newspaper has gone the way of the dinosaur.

    There are no reporters any more, they are cold calling scribes.

  6. I’m so glad The Toilet Bowl is here because this election make me ill *long barf* Trump will steal it from me.

  7. This is a real terrible thing to do to someone who gets up early for little pay to drive their own car to deliver news papers, but really how much could he get with their current circulation.

    Probably a misdemeanor theft.

  8. Doesn’t Jack Franks own interest in that paper, thus the constant fawning and articles printed that he obviously wrote!?

  9. Here’s my tip for the ”Crystal Lake Friend”.

    Cancel your subscription ASAP, before the bankruptcy and you have no chance of getting your pro rata refund.

    Is Franks the culprit?

    In his new job after getting the boot from County “Bored” and his pension grabbing?

  10. I too delivered papers as a kid.

    Also had to collect payments.

    I’m just wondering why you continued delivering to the guy who never answered his door to pay you?

    After two weeks for me, I cut the customer off.

    It usually prompted a quick phone call asking where their paper was.

    I told them as soon as they brought their account current with CASH, service would resume again.

  11. Anything connected with the crud NWH is crooked, corrupt, false and a sham.

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