Shutting Down More of Economy

From the McHenry County Health Department:

McHenry County COVID-19 cases reach new high, Tier 3 mitigations to take effect

WOODSTOCK — The McHenry County Department of Health is urging the public to avoid unessential trips and social gatherings after an increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases and a rise in COVID-like Illness hospital admissions.

McHenry County was placed under Tier 1 mitigation by the State on October 31 due to 7-day rolling average testing positivity rates that exceeded 8% for three consecutive days.

Testing positivity has continued to climb since late October and medical and surgical bed availability in McHenry County is currently at 27.3%, the lowest it’s been since spring.

Available medical-surgical beds on 11-18-20.
Melissa Adamson

“We were able to prevent the overburdening of hospitals in our region during the pandemic’s first peak and we can do it again.

“Let’s not throw away all the gains we made because we’re fatigued by this virus,” said Public Health Administrator Melissa Adamson.

“We do not know the long term effects of the virus, but the immediate danger is further spread that risks overloading our hospitals.

“Changing our behaviors will limit the spread and protect others.”

Gov. JB Pritzker announced on Tuesday that Tier 3 COVID-19 resurgence mitigations will be implemented in Illinois, beginning 12:01 a.m. on Friday, November 20.

The additional Tier 3 mitigations include but are not limited to: 

Bars and Restaurants

·         All bars and restaurants close at 11 p.m. and may reopen no earlier than 6 a.m. the following day

  • No indoor service
  • All bar and restaurant patrons should be seated at tables outside
  • No ordering, seating or congregating at bar (bar stools should be removed)
  • Tables should be 6 feet apart
  • No standing or congregating outdoors while waiting for a table or exiting
  • No dancing or standing indoors
  • No tables exceeding 6 people
  • Reservations required for each party
  • No seating of multiple parties at one table
  • Indoor gaming terminals must suspend operations
  • Includes private clubs and country clubs

Meetings, social events and gatherings (including weddings, potlucks, etc.)

  • Limit in-home gatherings to household members
  • Meeting rooms, banquet centers, private party rooms, private clubs and country clubs may not host gatherings
  • No party buses
  • Funerals are limited to 10 family members of the decedents, not including staff

Health and Fitness Centers

  • Operate at no more than 25% capacity
  • No indoor group classes
  • Face covering must be work at all times, including while engaged in individual exercise regardless of person or machine spacing
  • Reservations required
  • Locker room areas should be closed

Indoor recreation, theaters, cultural Institutions (e.g. casinos, bowling, arcades, movie theaters, museums and zoos

  • Gaming and casinos close
  • Indoor recreation centers, including theaters, performing arts centers and indoor museums and amusement centers close
  • Live streaming of performances encouraged with social distancing of performers and minimum operational staff
  • Outdoor activities allowed at 25% capacity or less
  • Outdoor group activities limited to 10 persons or less, participants/guests must wear face coverings at all times
  • Reservations required for each guest for outdoor activities

For a complete list of the additional restrictions that will be applied, visit the Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigations.

Free testing for COVID-19 in McHenry County is available.

The McHenry County Department of Health has hosted two state-operated mobile testing sites in McHenry County during November and will be hosting two additional sites this month.

The State will be in contact with those who’ve been tested at mobile state-operated sites four to seven days after the date an individual was tested. If it’s been seven days since being tested at a state-operated site and an individual has not received their result, contact the State’s testing hotline by calling 1-888-297-7208 or create an Illinois Department of Public Health MyChart account.

“With how widespread COVID-19 is in our community, having yourself tested and thinking a negative result means that it’s OK to socially gather can give way to a false sense of security. The test date is a snap shot for that day, you can be positive the next day,” Adamson said. “If you are the close contact of someone with the virus and are awaiting testing results, a negative test result does not release you from your quarantine. You should be doing everything possible to avoid coming into contact with others.”

More information about testing in McHenry County is available at


Shutting Down More of Economy — 9 Comments

  1. My question for Mr Pritzker would be, if we have suspected a second wave would come in the fall for months now why does it seem we have done nothing to increase our ability to treat more patients?

    It seems poor judgment to rely on EVERYONE following the rules to control a pandemic and is really just a way for JB to shift the blame because he wasn’t ready for round 2.

  2. The Terminator? The maskholes that are marching to the death dirge they have created in their utter ignorance and fear. The filthy vermin that cheer on the New World Odor. Anyone that willingly submitting to the complete lies of a cartoon that never existed. That’s who!

  3. Cindy, I agree with you except about the non-existence of viruses.

    Of course Coronavirus is a man made bio-weapon.

    But do you actually say Rabies, MERS, Marburg, Ebola and Smallpox were all hoaxes?

  4. The Termnator? No it isn’t. Because ther is no such thing as a virus. You cannot “catch” a virus. They are non-living piezoelectric cells that your own body produces to FIGHT toxins. Cannot live on their own because they are dead! Never been isolated to even study one. Never existed. It’s all a lie. The only way you can “catch” a dead virus is by being injected with one that they scraped from something else. Adn YES Every one of those were hoaxes. Especially the fake ebola! Don’t fall for their lies! Polio and Aids can be included along with the Spanish Flu. All total lies. All total scams that they make billions off of. People have been fed bullshit for decades. There is no such thing as contagion. Your creator endowed you with a complete system to fight off pathogens. Your own DNA will heal you (that is what is is doing when you aer shedding viruses)if you would just stop injecting foreign things and living in the electrical smog that causes you to fall ill. Read up on how and why germ theory was a complete sham from the beginning. Virology is just as fake as astronauts. Why do you think they have been pumping all the contagion and pandemic moveis for decades? To get you to subconciously accept their lies! It worked like the charm that it was. Just look around at the zombies that have given up their jobs and their lives over fear of NOTHING!

  5. Cindy have you caught hantavirus?

    Smallpox a hoax?! Really Cindy you’re too much!

    There are many evil men working on the poisonous vax to ‘fight’ Covid by introducing far worse pathogens into your bodies.

  6. Yes, CornPop. ALL virology is a lie. It doesn’t exist. Pathogens are real. Viruses are NOT. I have hundreds of hours in researching the facts. What have you got? The lying they have been doing for many decades? That’s what you want to believe in? The fakery is extremely old. You were sold a bill of goods. You really want to stick with that? BTW What you wrote above here seems to contradict what you “think” you believe in. You ridicule me but you believe they are poisoning us. Not sure which side you want to be on? Why would you ridicule me who has never ever done ANYTHING to harm you, while on the other hand….

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