Slideshow Tribute to Chuck Wheeler — 15 Comments

  1. God bless you Chuck.

    Going to miss you and the good times when we had a beer and talked.

    Thank You…

  2. RIP Mr. Wheeler!

    Hey, what’s Kenneally doing at a GOP event?


  3. The Terminator will be attacked by the pusillanimous whiner Wilson now for denigrating this memorial page.

  4. Chuck appeared pretty heathy in this video in August at the “Patriotic Picnic” where he called COVID a manufactured “plandemic” which is a reference to a discreated debunked conspiracy theory that promoted misinformation.

    He has a mask around his neck so the assumption (but who knows) is he was wearing it at some point at the “Patriotic Picnic”?

    Still, why is he on video at the GOP gathering promoting discredited conspiracy theories?

    It’s incredibly sad he went from heathy to dead just like that.

    It’s also sad that he pushed this conspiracy theory at the picnic.

    There have been pictures posted on this website of Chuck at indoor GOP events without wearing a mask.

    I feel awful for his family.

    We are heading for a very dark winter with a significant number of people refusing to use common sense.

    I wish people didn’t get sucked into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories.

    Please please please people, take basic precautions and stop pushing BS conspiracies.

    As Thanksgiving approaches, please think twice about the choices and decisions you make.

    If you do plan to spend the holiday with friends and family, please think back to this video of Chuck who was healthy and happy in August.

    A better way to honor or pay tribute to Chuck would be to take this pandemic more seriously and think about your own choices and decisions, instead of showing a slideshow of him.

  5. Oh I hereby, you are an idiot! Why are besmirching this man’s life with your blatant lies? There is NO SUCH THING AS A VIRUS! How completely brain dead stupid do you have to be to still put out the lies you are spewing for the New World Odor! Your vile lies disgust me. How dare you use this man to promote your evil filth!

  6. I am looking for a way to honor his life in a way that might save others the ultimate fate he suffered.

    That’s a far cry from besmirching his life.

  7. ‘ Oh’you crackpots just can’t help but virtue signal even on a page for a man’s memorial.

    Chuck actually called the Covid something other than what you claimed, and many agree with him!

    Chuck had other health issues.

    He was compromised a couple different ways yet his death will be reported as Covid, which is unfortunate.

    Anyone wanting to honor Chuck, it was suggested that in lieu of flowers, we make a donation to the American Diabetes Association in his name.

  8. Oh, shame on you!

    Look at the total death rate in pre-Covid 2019 to now.


  9. You are looking for a way to continue the lies. Chuck didn’t stand for liars. If you actually believe one word of that then you are a complete moron.

  10. While Lorna calls it unfortunate, I labelled it as blasphemous and got cursed by a weasel.

  11. Token?

    He was highly involved.

    What have you ever done except for talked racially charged shit about dead people anonymously?

    Where you gonna be today?

    What’s your address?

    Let me come over to your house and you can call Chuck a token to my face.

  12. Correcting? They are trying to make a racial slur and yank chains. Nice try, but nobody cares about your stupid ignorant comment, O my.

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