Weber on Latest Indictments

From State Rep. Tom Weber:

Rep. Weber Responds to Latest Indictments of Madigan Allies; Madigan Needs to Go

FOX LAKE – Following the U.S. Attorney’s announcement of indictments against Speaker Madigan’s allies including Mike McClain, Anne Pramaggiore, John Hooker and Jay Doherty, State Representative Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa) released the following statement:

Tom Weber

“It has been obvious for months now that Mike Madigan is at the heart of the corruption scandal involving ComEd.

“The latest indictments of four allies linked directly to him make it clear beyond any doubt about his involvement,” said Weber.

“Since Madigan still refuses to step down, even though the number of House Democrats who have said they will not support him for another term as Speaker has now grown to fifteen, the Special Investigating Committee must be reconvened to take action.

“The only way to restore any slight notion of trust in Illinois government is for Mike Madigan to go.”


Weber on Latest Indictments — 3 Comments

  1. He ought to be indicted himself for impersonating a Republican!

    A big, fat-a$$ed RINO!

  2. Weber tell us common folks how we can Impeach ’em?

    like they are doing to the MI Gov?

    we the people would love to help rid ourselves of this kind ….

  3. Webs went on another eating binge with his bird dog Reick in Lake Geneva 2 weekends ago.

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