Before Spring Election, MCC Board Passes Flat Levy after Taking Every Dime Possible This Year

From McHenry County College:

MCC Saves Taxpayers Money with Approval of Flat Tax Levy

At their regular monthly meeting on Thursday, November 19, the McHenry County College Board of Trustees unanimously approved a flat tax levy for 2020, a move that will save taxpayers money and once again contribute favorably to the economic impact on the college district.

Based on an example home with a Fair Market Value of $249,243 (the average home value in McHenry County being $228,409), the tax increase avoided by maintaining a flat levy is approximately $7.04 annually.

“We’re extremely proud that we’ve been able to repeatedly control our spending and return value to the community without compromising quality,” said MCC President Dr. Clint Gabbard.

“We’ve taken advantage of cost savings whenever and wherever possible, and we’ve made efficient use of resources that are directed toward the support of the strategic mission of the College.”

In 2019, the College had one of the lowest per capita costs among the 39 Illinois community colleges, ranking 34th out of 39 with a per capita cost of $470.13.

Only five other colleges in the state had a lower per capita cost. The per capita cost demonstrates the cost efficiency of the College for providing one hour of instruction.

In comparison, the state average per capita is $551.44. 

In the same year, the College had one of the lowest tuition rates per credit hour at $128.25, ranking 36th among the list of 39 colleges, with only three other colleges having a lower cost per credit hour. 

The state average tuition per credit hour is $144.36.

While the College is allowed, by law, to collect revenue tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) each year, MCC board members have voted for the 7th time in the past eight years to not collect CPI revenue and maintain a flat tax levy.

 “We continue to work diligently to reevaluate our expenses at all times. Services or functions that are obsolete, can no longer perform efficiently, compete in today’s markets, or offer few career opportunities are eliminated or absorbed into other operations,” Gabbard added.

 “The Board of Trustees commends the MCC Administration on the consistently prudent and fiscally responsible way in which it has managed the budget and finances of the institution over this time,” said Mike Smith, MCC Board Chair.

“Through the Board’s decision to maintain a flat levy again in 2020, MCC continues to exemplify a commitment to alleviating the financial burden on the taxpayers throughout the community while we maintain our focus on lifelong learning and the student’s success,” he added.

For more information about the MCC Board of Trustees or to watch the video recording of the meeting, visit

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Compare the above action with what the Board did last year:

McHenry County College Board Set to Levy to the Max Thursday Ending Six-Years of Keeping Tax Extraction Constant


Before Spring Election, MCC Board Passes Flat Levy after Taking Every Dime Possible This Year — 2 Comments

  1. And this week the board voting to give the MCC president a raise and car allowance with built in raises all led by liberal Mike Smith, Lakewood.

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