Cary Police on Traffic Alert thru Thanksgiving Weekend

From the Cary Police Department:

Thanksgiving Traffic Enforcement Campaign

With one of the busiest travel times of the year just around the corner, the Cary Police Department is reminding motorists to buckle up and drive sober to ensure that everyone gets to the Thanksgiving table safely.

Even with the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipate there will be significant travel during this Thanksgiving weekend.

Throughout the year, many traffic deaths and injuries could be prevented with the click of a seat belt or the choice to designate a sober driver.

More than 30% of motor vehicle crash fatalities in Illinois involve an
alcohol-impaired driver, and data shows drug-involved driving is on the rise.

The Cary Police Department is joining the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois State Police and local law enforcement agencies in a statewide effort to save lives by stepping up enforcement of seat belt and impaired driving laws.

Motorists will see this increase in safety patrols from Nov. 20 over the holiday weekend through the early morning hours of Nov. 30.

The Thanksgiving enforcement effort is made possible by federal traffic safety funds administered by IDOT as part of the statewide Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over and Click It or Ticket campaigns.

The Cary Police Department encourages motorists to call 911 to report dangerous driving.

When calling to report dangerous driving, please provide as much information including; vehicle make, model, color, registration, and direction of travel, and if possible, a description of the driver of the offending vehicle.


Cary Police on Traffic Alert thru Thanksgiving Weekend — 6 Comments

  1. Will they also be monitoring home Thanksgiving dinner with more than 10 people?

    Can my 2 half wit brothers count as 1 person?

  2. I thought the Po-Po, given the Virus crisis, arent looking to have tons of direct and personal upclose interactions with the Public unless absolutely necessary.

    This sounds like make work to make revenue nonsense and get cops too close to people.

    Whateva…keep your belt on, do the limit, and most bars are closed now anyway and you cant go to other peoples homes now either.

  3. Yo Cary PD–you can park in the Maple Tree Inn Parking lot–the bar is closed cuz of Governor Rules, plenty of space for you to sit and grab people for speeding on First Street.

    Easy pickings of the populace if thats your real goal.

    Not a classy way to endear yourselves to the citizenry.

    Guys rarely leave their squad cars, walk around, say hello, get to know people.

    Sit on the butt until AFTER a crime is committed.

    Be better you park on 14 and grab mostly out of towners, but safer on First STreet getting Cary residents I suppose.

    I support the Police, just not these “tactics”.

    Paid to harass with Federal fundings/OT and prizes from MADD which then drives bad Police behavior to “win a prize”.

    Mayor won last election by 37 votes—I can find 38 people to go the other way if he and his hand picked Chief keep doing this type of “policing”.

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