Huntley Police Department Urges Safe Driving over Thanksgiving Enhanced Enforcement from Nov. 20th to 30th

From the Huntley Police Department:

Huntley Police Department to motorists: This Thanksgiving, buckle up and designate a sober driver

Huntley, IL – With one of the busiest travel times of the year just around the corner, the Huntley Police Department is reminding motorists to buckle up and drive sober to ensure that everyone gets to the Thanksgiving table safely.

“On regular days and holidays alike, law enforcement too often see the results of driving impaired and not wearing a seat belt,” said Chief Robert Porter. “They are both tragic and preventable. Whether you’re driving cross-country or across the street, please remember to wear your seat belt and make a plan for a sober ride home.”

Throughout the year, many traffic deaths and injuries could be prevented with the click of a seat belt or the choice to designate a sober driver. More than 30% of motor vehicle crash fatalities in Illinois involve an
alcohol-impaired driver, and data shows drug-involved driving is on the rise.

To combat these trends, The Huntley Police Department is joining the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois State Police and local law enforcement agencies in a statewide effort to save lives by stepping up enforcement of seat belt and impaired driving laws.

Motorists will see this increase in safety patrols from Nov. 20 over the holiday weekend through the early morning hours of Nov. 30.

The Thanksgiving enforcement effort is made possible by federal traffic safety funds administered by IDOT as part of the statewide Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over and Click It or Ticket campaigns.


Huntley Police Department Urges Safe Driving over Thanksgiving Enhanced Enforcement from Nov. 20th to 30th — 5 Comments

  1. Why aren’t they rounding up illegal alien child molesters?

  2. After decades of information about the tremendous benefits of wearing seat belts while driving, is there any person who still refuses to wear these? Recall many years ago hearing some, morons, say that they don’t wear belts so that in the event of a crash/accident and a fire from engine or gas tank, they want to get out of their vehicle quickly. These morons did not realize that they likely would be thrown through the windshield or out the door with out a buckled belt.

    If there are still any drivers, passengers who don’t want to wear a belt, the hell with them. Hopefully, the morons who don’t wear belts still would want their children, toddlers, infants to be buckled up in their vehicles.

    One does not need a seat belt while driving or a passenger on a motorcycle. If motorcycle drivers, riders don’t have seat belts then let drivers and passengers (not children) not have to buckle up in cars, pickups and suvs.

  3. Seatbelt laws are just another revenue gateway government money grabbing scam
    with merit raises and promotions to follow for those who generate the most revenue,
    and it’s all done in the name of “safety” of course.

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