UPDATE on Northwest Herald Delivery People Not Being Paid Tips

From the same Friend of McHenry County Blog who alerted us to the problem yesterday:

Northwest Herald left a voice message explaining that a “third party” handles their newspaper distribution.

According to the message, the aforementioned district manager at that company was recently fired.

Northwest Herald collects the tips and forewards them to the company (which they did not name).

The person from NWH who left the voice message said, without naming the delivery company, that they just found out about the unpaid tips and were working with that company to ensure that it was “resolved with all of the carriers” — whatever they consider “resolved” to mean.

I’m particularly focused on the fact that they did not specifically say they would ensure that all carriers would be paid the full amount of tips to which they were entitled.  

I am supposed to receive a call from this third party company as well.

At that point, I’ll ascertain the name and location of the company, and I’ll inform them that I intend to contact the police — I’ll do so in Crystal Lake since this is where I paid the tips to NWH, and in the city where the third party company is located, if different.

Additionally, I’ll update my complaint with the Illinois Attorney General to include the name of the third party company as well as Northwest Herald. 

Adding it all up, I suspect that the third party company was dealing with a corrupt employee, and who knows all of the criminal activities this person engaged in while working for them and what exactly was the full reason for the termination.

I also suspect that the company hoped to slip all this under the rug, even while starting to pay the carriers their tips.

The individual probably escaped any kind of police involvement — companies often avoid contacting the police because they want to cover up their failure to properly manage.

Knowing more of the background, I agree with you 100 percent that the person should not escape punishment.


UPDATE on Northwest Herald Delivery People Not Being Paid Tips — 8 Comments

  1. Ah yes, the mythical third party whom I refuse to name did it and I know nothing about it excuse.

    Sounds like a page taken right from the Madigan (DEMOCRAT) playbook.

  2. Not surprised Shaw Media contracts the home delivery of newspapers out to 3rd party companies.

    Hopefully, it’s a case the tips, which must be taxed, are mixed in with the carrier’s regular wages, instead of “bonus wages” subject to maximum withholding of 20%.

    A guess, tips are collected, and must be divided among all carriers equally in order for equal taxation and equal withholding.

  3. Thank you, citizen, for making the effort it takes to seek justice.

    You are taking a lot of your time, and risk of reprisal from powerful forces, to seek fair outcomes for others (in this case the intended tip recipients).

    If we all made such efforts it would make a big difference on endemic political corruption.

  4. It’s correct that it’s a third party, and pretty much everyone uses them to some extent, if not entirely.

    One of these outfits was next door to my work in Lake Zurich.

    That place and those drivers all had routes that delivered the Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, and some others.


  5. one of the main reasons I won’t get the NWH delivered to my home is because of the service they use…

    they only deliver when they feel like it…

    On my last dealing with the NWH they even told me they couldn’t guarentee delivery…

    I even tried the Tribune..but guess what ,,,

    same service…

    i did get the paper most days,,,


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