IL-14: Kyle Rittenhouse Released from Jail After Making $2 Million Bail *UPDATE: Pics from the Safe House*

Kyle Rittenhouse
John M. Pierce

Antioch, IL teen reunited with mother and sisters who are staying at undisclosed location

Early Friday afternoon, Kyle Rittenhouse was released from the Kenosha County Jail after a 3-week stay since being extradited from Illinois on October 30.

The release of Rittenhouse was through lead criminal attorney John M. Pierce.

Chairman and CEO of #FightBack Foundation L. Lin Wood of Atlanta, who organized one of the largest fundraising efforts to raise funds for the full $2 million bail where bond of 10% is not allowed in Wisconsin, sent this email out shortly after 2PM CST:

Here is a tweet from Lin Wood from this afternoon:

Rittenhouse will remain free on $2 million bail and will work with his criminal defense team to prepare for trial in Kenosha County.

Rittenhouse’s next court appearance is currently scheduled for December 3.

Update: Pictures from the Safe House

As stated earlier, Kyle Rittenhouse, his mother and sisters are no longer staying at their Antioch home, but are at an undisclosed location to protect the Rittenhouse family.

Last night, #Fightback Foundation Chairman and CEO L. Lin Wood tweeted this Safe House picture:

John M. Pierce, Kyle Rittenhouse and actor Rick Schroder at the Safe House tweeted by Lin Wood Friday night

Clearly, Rittenhouse looking much thinner after 2 1/2 months in custody, first two months in Illinois and past 3 weeks in Kenosha, WI.

Actor Rick Schroder (TV: Silver Spoons, NYPD Blues, Coat of Many Colors; Movie: The Champ with Jon Voight and Faye Dunaway) contributed significant amount of monies to help bring cash donations over the $2 million amount.

Rick Schroder, Kyle Rittenhouse and Wendy Rittenhouse at the Safe House tweeted by John M. Pierce Saturday morning

Saturday morning’s pic included Kyle, clearly after his first night sleeping in a warm bed since turning himself in to Antioch Police in the early hours of August 26, is included with Schroder and Kyle’s mother, Wendy Rittenhouse at the same Safe House.


IL-14: Kyle Rittenhouse Released from Jail After Making $2 Million Bail *UPDATE: Pics from the Safe House* — 52 Comments

  1. Go to Russia kid.

    You’ll be s after from the Reds than WI!

    Snowden did.

  2. I’m sure that some people are raging right now.

    Probably a few people around here, in fact.

    The evidence shows that he was defending himself against violent Burn Loot Murders who attempted to kill him.

  3. Welcome Home…now start the Civil Suit Process against the usual suspects that called you a White Supremacist, Militia Member and Nazi sympathizer.

    You’ll be rich when Lin Wood gets done with them.

  4. What the hell was he doing there? And with that weapon? Claims he bought it with stimulus $. Since when did 17 yr olds get stimulus $?

  5. God bless Kyle, and all those who stand against the Communist scum.

  6. Another example of how honest and law abiding Americans cannot trust most of the media which is left wing and are handmaidens for the Democrat Party. This media continually writes or reports about this kid as if he was the thug when videos show him being attacked and merely defending himself.

    What will happen to those who rioted, burned businesses, buildings and cars and looted? They are the thugs who deserve to be prosecuted and go to jail for many years. Jail in Gitmo for 20 years would be appropriate.

  7. I am Kyle Rittenhouse I am gonna shoot you all up *pow pow pow pow* wanna some more *bang bang bang bang* hahahaha wheeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. “clearly after his first night sleeping in a warm bed”

    Interesting statement.

    How would you know that jail beds are cold, John?

  9. So a Black kid goes to a Trump rally with a gun in his hand.

    Someone there sees him, starts to raise their weapon, and the kids shoots him dead.

    Someone else sees what happened, starts to raise his weapon, and the kid shoots HIM dead.

    People try to get the gun away from the kid, and he shoots them.

    Then he claims self defense.

    After all, he didn’t start to fire until other people began to raise their weapon.

    As for the people who tried to disarm him, the kid says, “They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers!”

    You’re all good with that, right?

  10. Equalizer,

    That’s not even close to the events that occurred in Kenosha. Y

    ou are either ignorant or deliberately spreading lies.

    There was no rally in this situation.

    There was Antifa thugs that from all reports were attempting to start a gas station on fire.

    Only the left does things like that.

  11. O.K., Neal, let’s do it your way.

    So some Black kid in Kenosha that night sees a bunch of white guys with guns and wearing MAGA hats.

    He shoots one.

    Did the guy he shot raise his weapon in a “threatening” manner?

    Who knows?

    He’s dead, so he can’t give his side.

    Then one of the other MAGA guys raises his gun, and the kid shoots him.

    Some people try to get the gun away from the kid and he shoots them.

    Later the kid says it was all self defense and the MAGA people pointed their guns at him first.

    Turns out the kid bought the gun illegally.

    NOW are you okay with it?

    Are you going to help bail the Black kid out?

    Are you going to hail him as a hero?

  12. Thank you, God. This boy was a community servant.

    Thank you for those that got involved to get him out on bail.

    If he was setting fire to buildings, stabbing people and looting, he would have been out with Biden/Harris bail money!

    Have a peaceful Thanksgiving, Kyle!

  13. Even better, Neal.

    Let’s think for a moment about what else COULD have happened that night instead.

    Kyle Rittenhouse goes to Kenosha.

    Some Black kid sees him and shoots him dead.

    He claims Kyle raised his gun and he shot Kyle in self defense.

    We’ll never know for sure.

    Kyle’s dead, there’s no video, and in all the gunfire and panic, no witnesses can say for sure exactly what happened.

    Turns out the Black kid bought the gun he used illegally.

    You’re going to donate money to that kid’s defense fund, right?

    You’re going to celebrate him as a hero, right?

    You’re going to call that kid a patriot, right?

  14. Part of a written communication sent by the YMCA Metro Chicago to all YMCA members the day after Kyle was arrested.

    To me it reads like “guilty before charged”.

    The act of self defense was not an act of “racism”.

    Mr Wood, please add the YMCA Metro Chicago to list of Organizations that owe an apology to Kyle, and maybe even a bit of a settlement given it also involved his termination on top of what could be deemed slander.:

    “Last night, two protesters were killed, and one was injured in an attack carried out by a young white male. The incident caught on video showed him opening fire in the middle of a street with a semi-automatic rifle. YMCA leadership has been informed that the young male taken into custody is a YMCA part-time employee who has been on furlough since March 2020. He will not be returning to the YMCA. We abhor these violent acts. Our condolences go out to the families of the victims in this incident.

    In a recent communication, we acknowledged that we are currently battling two pandemics – COVID-19 and racism as a society. Racism is violent. It causes individual and societal harm. The YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago takes a firm stance. We stand with the Black community against violence toward Black and Brown people, including police brutality. At the Y, we commit explicitly to becoming an anti-racist organization. We also support the right to assemble to advocate against injustices prevalent in our society, including systemic racism.”

  15. In the scenario where someone (black or white or blue or any other color) is found to have shot someone else and there is zero evidence of self defense then of course I wouldn’t donate to a defense fund or defend the suspect. I don’t know why you seem so OBSESSED with race. I treat all people the same regardless of race unlike the democrats who must divide everyone up into groups.

  16. And I must again point out in the Rittenhouse case, we have very clear well documented video evidence of what did happen.

  17. Orv is right!

    Communist scum like The Tauler from Wonder Lake, antifa scum.

    Rittenhouse, the Boy Hero!

  18. I am so glad this boy is “safe” from “justice.”

    Weird times, baby, weird times.

  19. An update to Kyle Rittenhouse, by L Lin Wood & more:

    Stunning Interview – L Lin Wood on Howie Carr:

    “Joe Biden and the People Like Him Who Have Been Trying to Steal This Election – Will All Go to Jail”…

  20. Equalizer is really a provocateur.

    And quite stupid.

    Rittenhouse stood tough in 2020.

    Millions of ungelded men will be standing tough in the coming times.

    It won’t be pretty, and it’ll make the early 1860s in this country look like a rather tame, contained affair.

    But it is coming. History tells us so.

    And believe you me,

  21. Everything coming from the left is not real.

    It is fake.

    The only hope they have is Orwellian:

    “The people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what is happening.”

  22. Rick Schroder used to annoy the hell out of me when back he was a child actor billed as Ricky Schroder.

    He’s turned into a total stand up guy.

  23. It does feel like we are on animal farm.

    All animals are equal.

    Of course some aminals are more equal than others.

  24. Kyle THOU SHALT NOT KILL just a heads up when you meet your maker try and use “It was in self defense” he knows better and so does the sane.

    No one would have ever died.

    This is the word.

  25. There was a Kentucky teen named Sandman who was greatly and unfairly disparaged by the media, including a big DC newspaper, that accused him of dissing a native American in DC. Turns out the teen was innocent and the native American was the bad guy. The teen sued the newspaper and won a big settlement.

    Perhaps this Illinois teen, with good lawyers, will go after and bring suit against ALL, every single left wing media, who accused him of being a supremacist AND a murderer rather then the correct position of self defense. In honest and fair courts, he should win.

    In ten, fifteen years, he will be considered a hero who as a youngster stood up against anarchists, looters, rioters and arsonists. Of course there will still be liars and monsters in the mostly left wing media who will disparage him and will continue their mission to destroy America.

  26. Kyle is a good young man and will be shown to be so in a court of law.

    If you take color out of the conversation, then the left has no position and cannot pressure others into suppression and control.

    So take color out and then view the details.

    Case closed.

    Glad to know he’s with family and that there are some great Americans still in power to narrow the gate of the extremes.

  27. Kyle will be proven in the court of law to be a good young man that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Take the power of “color” from the left and remove their control and manipulation power!!

    Race had nothing to do with it.

    AOC’s comments concerning Kyle are also wrong and inconsiderate.

    She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is the true liar.

    AOC (Sandy) grew up in mid-town NY, not the Bronx, went to private school and is not a person that experienced racism that she claims.

    Remove the negative control that the left is using!!

    Glad also, that there are still true Americans living in the US.

    Thanks to Ricky and others that donated!!

  28. Bee, and what happens when Kyle is found guilty by an all libtard jury?

  29. There is no self defense in Wisconsin when the “defense” occurs during the commission of a crime.

    He was committing a minimum of 2 crimes that night: breaking curfew and being a minor possessing that weapon.

  30. Have a feeling he will be found not guilty on self defense.

    We shall see how good his lawyer is.

    Gun possession charges is another story.

    No way around that.

  31. Gay S. T., you suck. But your prophesy is correct.

    Prairie Burner, you are a first class moron.

    Dr. Who, Right On!

    Equalizer, try a brain transplant with a wren.

    Corn Pop, strange but good advice.

  32. Gay S.T., your first prophesy is correct, your second prophesy is garbage, like you.

  33. I really hope the kid beats the rap, but he shouldn’t be posing for photos in black rifle t-shirts or giving interviews to Washington Post reporters.

    He shouldn’t have talked about using his stimulus check to buy the rifle, and the prosecution is going to use that photo as evidence that Kyle is some kind of gun nut.

    He needs to keep a really low profile until this is over.

  34. I’m a Life Member of the NRA and a proud gun nut.

    I have numerous pro-gun t-shirts.

    That’s not the image Kyle needs heading into a trial.

    His lawyers need to be able to portray him as someone who was forced into doing something he really didn’t want to do.

    Releasing photographs of Kyle wearing black rifle paraphernalia so soon after the shootings smacks of spiking the football.

  35. White knight. Your an uneducated, pedophile,Qanon moron. Your whiteness exudes Facism. You should commit sucide right now.

  36. Gay boy, you are the freak.

    Can’t wait to ‘teach’ you some manners.

  37. Right on Cindy. What a shame.

    Speaking of shame.


    You can’t “teach” anyone. Your going straight to hell.

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