State Reports Women in Her 80’s Died of Coronavirus Saturday

Really confusing that the McHenry County Health Department reports no Covid-19 deaths today, but the Illinois Department of Public Health reports the death of

  • 1 female 80s


State Reports Women in Her 80’s Died of Coronavirus Saturday — 8 Comments

  1. The truth is, from CDC in August, that less than 7% of the people who died with COVID died solely because of COVID.

    Over 93% died because of cancer, heart disease, liver disease, lung disease, diabetes, obesity, and other co-morbidity factors.

    Therefore, blaming all of the deaths on COVID is a political, agenda-driven decision, not a scientific one.

    I assume it is to scare the public into submission.

    Why doesn’t the media ask CDC why they never counted deaths the same on the seasonal flu.

  2. All the low I.Q. DEMOCRAT/RINO voters eat that $hit up like it was chocolate ice cream.

    These are the same morons you see on the FAKE news sitting in their cars lined up for
    miles waiting to take the worthless COVID tests.

    It is the Leftist media’s duty to create confusion and paranoia in the minds
    of these gullible fools so that they may be easily controlled.

  3. I have been ‘infected’ by the China Virus ….

    I have Covid fatigue!

  4. Honest? Don’t be so sure they are lining up. Those pictures are all CGI produced. You are being psycologically manipulated at eery turn.

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