Maine Township Board Lowers Salaries

The Chicago Tribune ran a story that reports on the success of Maine Township Trustee Susan Sweeney’s efforts to lower elected officials’ salaries and take away IMRF pension benefits.

Linda Slipke, Tim Schneider with Susan Sweeney.

Here’s the summary from the article:

“The board voted 4-1 to lower

  • the supervisor’s annual pay from $35,369 to $30,000;
  • the highway commissioner’s pay from $73,721 to $50,000;
  • the clerk’s pay from $21,845 to $21,000;
  • the assessor’s pay from $31,835 to $23,000; and
  • trustee pay from $5,970 each to $5,700 each.”

Health insurance remains, but with officials’ paying more of the cost.

Two years ago, the McHenry Township Board slashed elected officials’ salaries.

Salaries of current McHenry Township officials are as follows:

  • Supervisor – $68,677
  • Highway Commissioner – $76,179
  • Assessor – $67,677
  • Clerk – $13,009
  • Trustees – $100 per meeting

Next term the salaries will be

  • Supervisor – $45,000
  • Road Commissioner – $45,000
  • Assessor – $35,000
  • Trustees – zero


Maine Township Board Lowers Salaries — 10 Comments

  1. What are the new salaries for township officials in McHenry County?

    And compared to the last term?

    Is what happened in McHenrry Township a first?

    I mean cutting salaries so drastically (or even not so drastically)?

    It seems the township piglets were always voting for pay increases.

    Always up; never down!

    Taxpayers be damned.

    I’m especially interested in Nunda Township.


    The Nunda nerds don’t post these things on their website.

    I guess it’s a big secret.

  2. Next, cut salaries in school districts 5 percent each year over the next 10 years. Also, cut 50 percent of “administration” positions. Those positions remaining must prove they are needed to operate the schools efficiently and effectively.

    Also, must eliminate all COLAs. All government jobs, all those on a pension.

  3. The Rd Commissioner in Greenwood Twp actually said he “should be paid $150-200k a yr because that’s what I could get on the open market.

    I am sacrificing for the people of Greenwood Township.”

    What utter rubbish!

  4. I drank all the colas me sorry *burp burp* excuse me ha ha ha.

  5. I read this as “Maine Township Boils Lobster” while scrolling.

    It’s time for bed.

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