State Reports Man in 90’s Dies of Coronavirus

While McHenry County’s Health Department is reporting no Covid-19 deaths today, the Illinois Public Health Department reports the following fatality:

  • 1 male, 90s

Go figure.


State Reports Man in 90’s Dies of Coronavirus — 9 Comments

  1. Too little, too late, Cal. You were part of the hysteria that pumped all this up from the start.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Valeurs Actuelle!

    My brother-in-law is in his 80s and is fighting cancer. Eventually, it’s going to kill him.

    If he gets COVID-19 and dies a little sooner, well, screw him, he was going to die eventually anyway!


    What’s a few more years to his wife and kids and grandkids, and to me?

    And they shouldn’t put “COVID-19” on his death certificate if that happens, because he’s old and has cancer!

    In the words of Ebenezer Scrooge, if he’s like to die, he should do it quickly and decrease the surplus population.


  3. Have any McHenry County public official inquired about this death figure discrepancy? 😐

  4. If one is a Bible believer, people have been dying, since Adam and Eve.

    Do “we” blame God, the serpent, Satan, Adam and Eve? 😐

    How many people live to be 100 or 120?

    Not many. ☚ī¸

    The sad reality is we all die. ☚ī¸

    Someone had to die to make room on Earth, for each of us.

    One day, all of us will die, to make room for “our replacements”. 😐

  5. More low I.Q. gibberish from Little Eddie The Pontificator which
    impresses no one, save the like minded simpletons. 😌

  6. DisHonestAbe1, again you’re talking about yourself.

    Why aren’t you assisting Trump? ☚ī¸

    It’s nice that I’m in your mind though. 😁

  7. I see Steve is still being an idiot. Are you telling us that you are actually that stupid that you profess there is a REAL disease? There is NO SUCH THING as Covid. Why do you persist in telling lies?

  8. Cindy:

    Does your Mommy know you talk to people this way?

    “Mommy, mommy! I went on the Internet today and called people names while hiding my identity!”

    “Oh, sweetie, I’m so PROUD of you!”

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