The Demonizing of Donald Trump

From Woodstock resident Richard Rostron:

What is the cost of the media’s five-year vendetta against Donald Trump? 

Cathy was a rational and reasonable a person as you would ever want to meet.

But when she said the president is just as bad as Hitler, she meant it.

It was inexplicable that she would arrive at such a conclusion except that I knew where she went for her ‘news.’

She was a devoted watcher of NBC news and that’s what they told her to think of the president. 

Ready to defend her?

Ready to defend NBC?

Ready to describe Donald Trump as a president who IS just as bad as Hitler?

Hold your horses. 

The conversation I mentioned above took place in 2008.

NBC had convinced her that George W. Bush was as bad as Hitler. In light of that description, it’s not so surprising that they’ve demonized Donald Trump for the last four or five years.

It’s not surprising that CBS, ABC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico, the Huffington Post, the LA Times and numerous other media sources have spent the last four-plus years doing everything in their power to shred this man’s reputation. 

It’s important that we’re reminded that the media didn’t suddenly discover the knives and daggers of media bias when Donald Trump came down the escalator in 2015.

The media worked itself into a fevered pitch over Donald Trump but these were familiar weapons in the hands of Leftist sycophants who have no honor – who scream hysterically about the power and rights of the press while doing all they can to destroy the freedom of speech for anyone who dares to disagree. 

What chance would Joe Biden have had if not for the media’s 1,985-day-and-counting barrage of attacks on Donald Trump.

If you consider that those attacks occurred daily, often hourly, across the spectrum of the Left’s lapdog/attack dog media, you could multiply that number of days by four, five, ten – you pick it.

In other words, the number of attacks against Donald Trump reach the tens (and probably hundreds) of thousands.  

This kind of persistence creates an aura where the claims against the president are almost part of the atmosphere.

It’s as though you’re breathing the hatred they’ve sought to spread.

If you swept your arm in the air in front of you, you would create a disturbed path of loathing as though you ran your arm through algae in stagnant water. 

If none of the accusations of voter fraud were true, and that’s quite a stretch, what chance would Donald Trump have had for a fair election?

Journalists are, no doubt, applauding themselves for torpedoing the Trump re-election campaign.

And they deserve much of the credit.

But celebrating what they done here is like the person who celebrates blowing up a house because they didn’t like the color of the brick walls.

It’s time they consider what they’ve destroyed in the process. 


The Demonizing of Donald Trump — 28 Comments

  1. I might give him the benefit of the doubt if he cut his hair and washed his face.

    I could go on but there’s nothing really likable about him anyway.

    Never been faithful to any of his wives and has no friends.

    And that’s without going into the incompetence and lying.

  2. Excellent synopsis Richard.

    But it’s really Conservative American(s) that the FAKE NEWS Leftist MSM hates (in reality FEARS),

    Trump is just the tip of spear.

    Trump is not inclined to lay down for the crap that the DEMOCRATS have loosed upon him
    and neither are his supporters, this serves only to motivate American patriots to higher level.

    Whether or not he loses this battle remains to be seen, however the war WILL rage on.

  3. Looks like Buehler beat Franks in the Marengo precincts.

    Franks home town.

    Speaks volumes.

  4. Trump didn’t know when to shut his mouth.

    1 term guy just like Joe walsh

  5. I’m thinking that a lot of voters found out about Debbie’s divorcing Jack and sided with Debbie.


    President Trump commented for the first time publicly on the far-right conspiracy movement QAnon – saying that followers of the convoluted movement “love our country.”

    “I don’t know much about the movement besides that they like me very much,” Trump said during a press briefing at the White House.

    The QAnon conspiracy theory is centered on the baseless belief that Trump is trying to save the world by waging a secret campaign against enemies in the “deep state” and a child sex trafficking ring run by global elites who are satanic pedophiles and cannibals.

    Trump can go F himself.

  7. The biggest reason I find people disliking Trump is his petulant attitude, name calling, mocking people due to their physical stature and constant bragging.

    I was disheartened after watching the first debate, seeing Trump disregard the rules, interrupting both monitor and Biden.

    Trump is no gentleman, has broken his promise to release Kennedy’s murder files and disclose the truth about 9-11.

    BUT… I would much rather have him remain president than Harris/Biden.

    I fear Harris/Biden were chosen by the DNC because they are the easiest to control to do the will of the socialist/communist/globalist elite.

    May the truth be revealed!

  8. An excellent article by Rostron. He should also include most of the media – tv, radio, newspapers – here in NE Illinois as doing their part to be dishonest and destroy Trump.

    The mostly left wing media did their best to destroy Donald Trump. Of course the Deep State in DC along with elements of the Barak Hussein Obama regime and Hillary Rodman Clinton gave them fodder which they gladly accepted at face value. Some of that was:

    Hillary’s folks setting up the false narrative of Russia Collusion where in fact Hillary actually did Russian Collusion via her authorization of the phony fake Trump Dossier.

    Peter Strzok and his girl friend from the federal bureau and their plan to take out an insurance policy (FISA warrants, Muller investigation, etc) in the event that Trump won. During the 2016 election, this bureau unlawfully used the Dosier to spy on the Trump campaign and then later to sabotage the transition via the FISA Court. Then, the unnecessary 3 year Muller investigation followed by a phony impeachment authorized by reckless Pelosi and run by grand liar Adam Shi*.

    The mostly left wing media, as handmaidens for the Democrat Party, failed to honestly probe and investigate the above matters. They went along with all of the dishonesty of Obama, his regime and his operatives such as Susan Rice who unmasked Michael Flynn on his totally legitimate contact with Russia during the transition

    Then, 2020 and the presidential campaign. A fair and honest media would have asked numerous and tough questions of one of the dumbest U.S. politicians in the last century, Joe Biden. Not only dumb, but numerous character flaws such as a long history of making racist remarks, giving unwanted kisses to women and smelling their hair, plagiarism, an allegation of rape by his former Senate Aide, dead wrong positions and stands on foreign affair issues over decades, etc.

    In the last couple years, Biden has shown signs of mental instability and/or senility, dementia. Many examples of this such as Biden having difficulty in finishing sentences, losing his train of thought and speaking gibberish. Such as his answer to a debate question in 2019 suggesting that parents should turn on their “record players” at night to help in the education of their children.

    As VP, Biden did a quid pro quo and required the Ukraine Government to fire an inspector looking into his son’s very lucrative job there in an energy position for which he was not qualified. There is a videotape showing Biden bragging about his quid pro quo. There was also Biden and his son doing business in China on the side.

    The mostly left wing media was nowhere to be found in asking tough questions of Biden on all of the above. A newer part of the media are conversation platforms and they colluded in late October to quash transmission of a NY Post article about Biden and his son doing business in China.

    The mostly left wing media let Biden hide in his home basement during the 2020 campaign. Biden’s handlers kept him there, shielded from the public and media, lest he show his mental problems and failings or make an idiotic comment.

    The mostly left wing media had a very big day when Biden went to Durham North Carolina in October 2020 and went to an ice cream store with his staff for milk shakes. It was reported on many so-called news networks. A reporter asked Biden,

    “Mr. Biden! Mr. Biden! What flavor did you get?”

    Biden answered:

    “We got one vanilla, one chocolate, but I wanted to get what we call black-and-white. We’re gonna split it.”

    Ice cream and milkshakes. The mostly left wing media obviously thinks that most Americans are fools.

    The media was better at getting to the truth years ago. Such as in 1972 when they found out that Democrat presidential candidate George McGovern picked Thomas Eagleton to be his VP. Eagleton had had electric shock treatments for depression and had hidden that fact from McGovern. McGovern and his advisors found out and then were told by medical experts that the depression might reemerge and that that would be a threat to the U.S. McGovern then replaced Eagleton with Sargent Shriver. Nixon beat McGovern and the latter ONLY won MASS and DC.

    So, here we are today with an apparent Biden President Elect, while not only being dumb and being on the wrong side of important world decisions for years, making racist comments, kissing women and smelling their hair, but having displayed mental or old age problems of senility or dementia and the mostly left wing media has not cared nor probed about this latter highly disturbing matter.

    The Deep State, elements of the Obama regime and the mostly left wing media, over the past 4 years have contributed greatly to influence voters in picking Biden over Trump. They destroyed Trump. Should and/or how can the mostly left wing media itself be destroyed? Or, can it be reformed or rebuilt? By virtue of the presidential vote count, Americans apparently are too stupid to demand media reformation and reconstruction.

  9. Trump just caught an antiRed wave.

    Regardless of if him the wave is coming, and PT Barnumlike hustlers won’t be taking his spot.

    Weimar Amerika is cracking up.

    Then these libturds will be crying for the good old Trump Days.

  10. What will happen in the US?

    Could be a wild ride.

    November 22 2004 In Ukraine’s second round election, the Central Electoral Commission declares pro-Russian incumbent Viktor Yanukovich the winner. Viktor Yushchenko, the leader of the opposition decries widespread voter fraud and electoral irregularities.

    November 23 2004 An estimated 500,000 protestors assemble in Kiev’s Independence Square. The Orange Revolution is born. Ukraine’s Supreme Court suspends publication of the election results pending an investigation.

    December 8 2004 Following the Supreme Court’s annulment of the elections, a December re-run of the disputed presidential election is announced. Protesters scale down their demonstration and government workers go back to work.

    December 11 Doctors in Vienna announce that tests have confirmed that Yushchenko was poisoned with a dioxin.

    December 27 2004 Polls close on the third round of voting, with results showing a handsome margin of victory for Yushchenko.Yanukovich resigns as Prime Minister following his failed court action against the latest results. He says he cannot work with Yushchenko loyalists.

    January 23 2005 Viktor Yushchenko is sworn in as president following Supreme Court validation of the final results. He appoints political ally Yulia Tymoshenko as prime minister. Widespread political and economic reforms are announced but the government is sacked by Yushchenko later in the year.

    March 2006 Parliamentary elections give Yanukovich’s Party of the Regions a majority, leading President Yushshenko to appoint his former opponent as prime minister.

  11. Republican party used to be the party of grown ups.

    Now it’s just whacko conspiracy theorists and personality worshippers.

    We need a new conservative moment based on facts, not orange-faced clowns.

  12. Trump declared war on the media before he was even in office.

    Any idea how big of an insult “Fake News” is to a journalist?

    And how many times did he incite people at his rallies during his first campaign to ” get in their faces and give them hell” which spawned an entire wave of physical attacks on reporters that continues on until today.

    Trump is reaping what he sowed with the media.

    Who will he go after next after he puts Fox News out of business?

  13. They can’t buy him!

    He does not owe anyone of them loons a thing so they hate!!!

    And spend fifty million of our tax $$ on bogus lies to try to come up with anything..

    it’s sickening how deep state the C ring is..

    your gonna see some Nazism coming your way soon just u wait..

    they have a hidden agenda that your all going to see soon enough.

    Again not one person who went with these cheaters better whine or be ready for the backlash..

    you made your beds now your gonna reap what’s coming.

    So many sheep…

  14. Godwin’s law

    Godwin’s law is an Internet adage asserting that “as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1”.

    That is, if an online discussion goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Adolf Hitler or his deeds, the point at which effectively the discussion or thread often ends.

    Promulgated by the American attorney and author Mike Godwin in 1990, Godwin’s law originally referred specifically to Usenet newsgroup discussions.

    He stated that he introduced Godwin’s law in 1990 as an experiment in memetics.

    It is now applied to any threaded online discussion, such as Internet forums, chat rooms, and comment threads, as well as to speeches, articles, and other rhetoric where reductio ad Hitlerum occurs.

    In 2012, “Godwin’s law” became an entry in the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.Wikipedia

  15. It’s adorable that Vichy Conservative thinks any conservative can cobble even 200 EC votes together, let alone 270+.

  16. “Trump just caught an antiRed wave.”

    Please explain how this is the outcome you see.

    The Republicans picked up something like a dozen house seats and look to hold the senate.

    This is no wave for either party, quite the opposite.

    It reflects division within our country and a pretty serious crack in the Democratic party.

    The Republicans are actually really well positioned to take back the house in 2022.

    It was not an anti red wave, it was simply an anti big mouth on Twitter wave.

  17. Joe Biden, if inaugurated, has no mandate whatsoever and is the first president to enter office without his party controlling congress in decades.

    He is already a lame duck before he even takes his oath.

    He will not run for a second term and is very unlikely to accomplish his agenda.

  18. Trump demonized himself with his own comments, incompetence, and constant twittering.

  19. Where’s the announcement that Trump won?

    Online, I’m reading about rampant vote fraud.

    Where’s the updated vote totals?

    Where’s the vote fraud proof?

    Where’s the video proof? 😐

  20. Well, commenter at 7:24 am no doubt gets her news from the mostly left wing and highly biased media who are shills and handmaidens for the Democrat Party.

    There were numerous accomplishments by the Trump Administration including putting in policies that resulted in a great economy with very low unemployment rates including for Blacks and Hispanics. Of course, the left wing media under reported these or ignored them altogether.

    Trump had to clean up the mess left in Iraq by Obama/Biden.

    The worst decision by Obama/Biden was getting troops out of Iraq too early and before there was sufficient stabilization there. Obama made light of ISIS saying they were “JV”, Junior Varsity. ISIS then went on to capture large areas of Iraq. Trump as president had to clean up this Obama/Biden disaster with US Troops and sufficient authority to the Generals to kill ISIS.

    Biden has a proven record of being wrong many times on foreign affairs. Such as his advice to Obama to not go to kill Bin Laden. Biden, besides having mental problems, has a history of being a dope. A doofus.

  21. Top Sarg, the media and Dems, and Deep State declared war on Trump before he even won!

    I look at his policies and say Damn, this is the best President of my lifetime and his wife is absolutely a class act!

  22. Casey Amos, you’re absolutely correct.

    Top Sergeant is following the Leftist media’s meme that Trump is to blame for everything.

    Truth is, Trump simply punches back. The media threw the first punch and never stopped.

    How many of you know that, during his first term, Trump was nominated for the Noble Prize three times.

    Hell, most people have no idea about the peace treaties he negotiated with Arab countries and Israel.

    If Biden or Obama had done that, we would have had wall-to-wall coverage of the greatest diplomatic effort in the history of mankind.

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