IL-14/NY-14: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Kyle Rittenhouse Making Bail *UPDATE Lin Wood: “…trouble is coming AOC’s way…”*

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Kyle Rittenhouse

Like Lauren Underwood, AOC links Rittenhouse to white supremacy

Early Saturday afternoon, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“AOC”, D, NY-14) tweeted out a two-tweet thread to her 10 1/2 million followers on Twitter concerning recently released Kyle Rittenhouse.

The thread is transcribed for ease of reading:

“People who argue that dramatic changes to policing, including budgetary ones, will mean ‘violent people will be let out of jail to roam free’ rarely ever acknowledge that’s actually the current system we have today for the privileged.

“Does anyone believe Rittenhouse would be released if he were Muslim & did the same thing in a diff context?

“For people who say ‘systemic racism doesn’t exist,’ this is what it looks like: protection of white supremacy baked deep into our carceral systems.

“Law and disorder.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweet on 11/20/20, emphasis added


Lauren Underwood

There it was, a linkage to “white supremacy” similar to the one IL-14 Congresswoman Lauren Underwood made last month in a press release concerning Kyle Rittenhouse from her congressional campaign.

AOC’s tweet promulgated an article published in the New York Post late Saturday night.

The article also mistakenly identified the men shot by Rittenhouse as “protestors”.

Since AOC’s tweet, or the publication of the Post article, there has been no response from Rittenhouse’s legal team, including the #FightBack Foundation’s civil team, which filed suit against Joe Biden’s presidential campaign for defaming Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist”.

Given AOC interfered with an Illinoisan from our community in nearby Antioch, I took the liberty of alerting the #FightBack team myself:

If there are more developments to this story, McHenry County Blog will provide updates as they become available.

The New York Post article can be viewed here.

Update: L. Lin Wood Responds to AOC claim

Saturday night, #FightBack Foundation Chairman & CEO L. Lin Wood responded to AOC’s Saturday afternoon tweets in a radio interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro on WABC. Audio released via YouTube Sunday night.

Excerpt is cued to the Kyle Rittenhouse portion of interview (minute 45 seconds in length):

From Lin Wood’s YouTube channel of WABC radio interview 11/21/20

The entire 7-minute 15 second interview segment includes updates on Wood’s private lawsuits against the Georgia secretary of state in order to protect the runoff voting in the January 5 U.S. Senate runoff election.


IL-14/NY-14: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Kyle Rittenhouse Making Bail *UPDATE Lin Wood: “…trouble is coming AOC’s way…”* — 26 Comments

  1. Kyle gets richer with each of these Communists opening their big mouths.

    Lin Wood will have a field day with them as he did CNN and others who went after the 17 year old Kentucky kid with slanders.

    AOC and Underwood got big mouths,hope they got big pockets.

  2. They want to abolish police, bail, and prisons but are mad that a guy got out of jail after defending himself.

    They also want to give more authority to the police, who they want to abolish, to make sure your extended family isn’t over for Thanksgiving and you don’t have more than 10 rounds.

    It’s a nonsensical, paradoxical cult that requires you to NOT think about any of the contradictions or implications…

  3. “It’s a nonsensical, paradoxical cult that requires you to NOT think about any of the contradictions or implications…”

    This is exactly what the Democratic party has become.

    This is what we call double think.

    Holding two contradictory thoughts that can’t both be true, yet they believe that they are.

    It’s like the leaders of the DNC read the book 1984 and decided to copy everything.

  4. Also AOC will get off the hook for this comment.

    She said the system is racist not Rittenhouse directly.

    Subtle difference but probably can’t be sued over it

  5. Neal, implications and inferences can be used in defamation.

    When Underwood implied Rittenhouse in similar way last month, she didn’t refer to him by name, but the message clear whom she’s referring.

    Lin Wood and assisting attorneys Todd McMurtry, Marina Medvin and Ron Coleman will assess and should they decide to pull the trigger, will file suit accordingly.

  6. Goofy bitch implied Rittenhouse is a “White supremist” just by the use of his name.

    All Out Crazy is gonna pay and pay dearly for that slanderous remark.

  7. Neal

    You are right, but it’s not a subtle difference.

    In the article she accuses the “system” of being racist, not Rittenhouse.

    So, when is the “system” going to file this defamation lawsuit ?

    Moreover, even if she had labelled Rittenhouse a racist, except in peculiar factual circumstances such a characterization is typically deemed non-actionable opinion.

  8. Looks like after the election the “moderate” Underwood turns out to be the latest follower of AOC.

    Now it’s AOC plus 4.

  9. What’s the matter her criminal friends not getting revenge!

  10. Elites and their pets have launched an attack on the soap box, the ballot box, and the jury box.

    Soon, all that will remain to redress grievances will be the ammo box.

  11. Innocent ape is a leftist piece of trash.

    If hate crimes are fit for enhanced penalties.

    Why aren’t fake hate crimes punished with enhanced penalties.

    And fat boy Christie is another piece of trash, too.

  12. Correcting, soon your very post here will be illegal with Kwami Rami Raul screeching for a life sentence and blood.

  13. I’m not a lawyer but, did she not use Kyle as an example of a white supremacist, who she names specifically?

    That’s how I read it.

  14. Murmuring Mutton, you are correct.

    When Lauren Underwood refers to Rittenhouse, it’s not by name, it’s as “a member of our community”.

    AOC refers to Rittenhouse by name.



  16. Is this the same Lin Wood whose election related suit was tossed out in Georgia?

  17. UNderwood is just pissed off because Kyle interrupted their “beautiful protest”.

  18. Talking about Smollet, when’s the Ed Burke caper gonna come to light again?

  19. Ed Burke.

    No one seems to be mining that lode.

    He was arraigned in June, his wife sworn in as Chief Justice in August, and the November 2019 ISBA Journal featured her as their fawning cover story.

    He is awaiting trial or plea.

  20. Ed Burke (yes, he’s indicted), Mike Madigan and the Daleys are never punished.

    They’ll probably become ill, similar to Ed Rosewell, Fred Roti, Tony Laurino and ???? ☹️

  21. She’s a robot with defective AI.

    Just look at her, I mean it.

  22. John, I read the thing about witch’s brew and smoke in AOC’s video, and I came here to tell you that it’s NOT crazy for you to see that and interpret it in such a way.

    Just search for “SPIRIT COOKING” or “JOHN PODESTA ART” and take a look at the images that come up.

    There’s definitely an occult connection.

    If this sounds familiar, it’s because it was a scandal for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    And a cacophony of “journalists” tell us that Podesta just, for no reason at all, except for being quirky and appreciating art, likes to collect “art” depicting children being abused and haunted by demons.

    Because that’s totally normal and nothing to worry about.


    It’s just art dude!

    (I’m not buying their lies.)


    White Knight, AOC was cast.

    Justice Democrats held auditions and they liked AOC best.

    “In 2016, AOC was working as a bartender in New York City and her brother entered her into a contest or casting call being held by the Justice Democrats. Out of 10,000 entries, AOC was chosen to be a mouth piece for the progressive group.”

    That pic of AOC does have a very *slight* “uncanny valley” feel to it but I’ve seen worse.

    I do see a little bit of a resemblance between this picture of AOC and the ai Tay.

    Both have a purple-ish background. and there are some other similarities.

    Maybe you made a connection between AOC and Tay.

    Whatever you do, do not look up that Elvis alien footage.

    That is some serious nightmare fuel.

    It is borderline Lovecraftian horror.

    Now that part in the movie Men In Black where they play his music and say “Elvis is not dead. He just went home” is really weird…

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