State Cuts Number of Available Hospital Bed Numbers, McHenry County Under Recommended Vacancy Level for First Time

Just noticed that the percentage of medical/surgical hospital beds in McHenry County has dropped below 20% for the first time.

McHenry County medical/surgical bed availability as of 11-23-20. Under 20% for the first time.

Three days ago on November 19th, bed availability looked like this:

Bed availability on 11-19-20 in McHenry County.

To keep folks updated on the ICU bed availability as of November 23, 2020, look below:

ICU bed availability on 11-23-20 in McHenry County.

What is the reason for the precipitous drop?

This November 20, 2020, story from The Center Square may provide the answer:

Illinois removes thousands of available hospital beds from state COVID-19 database

(The Center Square) – The Illinois Department of Public Health quietly removed thousands of available hospital beds from their data showing how much capacity Illinois’ medical centers have. 

The number of available hospital beds is closely tracked by the state as a barometer of how much stress the COVID-19 pandemic is placing on Illinois’ medical system. The state has more than 30,000 total general use hospital beds. The lower the number of free beds, the worse the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming. 

For overall hospital beds, the state lowered the number of free beds to 8,132 from 10,232 from Nov. 18 to Nov. 19. IDPH removed 495 available ICU beds in the same time frame, taking the number from 1,113 to 618 free ICU beds.  

A political reporter asked Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Dr. Ngozi Ezike about the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website reflecting the thousands of available beds no longer on their record. 

“We actually need to know how many beds are available that have staff that could actually work it,” Ezike said. “When you put that extra clause, that actually you would have the staff to man that bed now, the numbers drop significantly.”

Pritzker called the issue “subjective” on the hospitals’ part.

“If you’ve got an empty room that’s in a hall and you’ve got a certain number of staff and you’ve been serving, let’s say, ten rooms, and you’ve got two others on a hallway, could you fill the other two with the same staff and still manage that? Again, with double shifts and people working longer hours. It’s possible.”

Ezike used the sudden change in available hospital beds earlier in the news conference to exhibit how quickly COVID-19 resource scarcity could hit the medical industry. 


State Cuts Number of Available Hospital Bed Numbers, McHenry County Under Recommended Vacancy Level for First Time — 12 Comments

  1. Who even cares at this point?

    I guess they are still getting extra federal money for “covid” patients.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. So if I’m reading this correctly, the state basically removed some of the hospital beds from the stats?

    It sounds like they are explaining why they decided to not count all the empty beds anymore, but rather “adjust” the number to reflect staffing?

    What a joke.

    If listen to anything these clowns have to say your a fool.

  3. The more I think about this the more it looks like this is really just a huge policy failure by Pritzker and the rest of the democrats.

    He listened to what the science said and this is what we get, out of control spread.

    For months we have been hearing the message that all we need to do is wear masks and everything will be OK.

    The scientists said that they reduce the spread in our studies so this is what we should do.

    Obviously this isn’t true, people are wearing masks, not just here but around the world and it still spreads.

    Of course the experts didn’t realize that the real world is not the same as a lab.

    People don’t wear masks properly, they wear the same one for days and throw them in their pockets.

    They also didn’t realize that people simply won’t willingly stay home for months at a time.

    Maybe if this were ebola they would but not when the survival rate is 99.8%.

    Just look around, the experts are saying don’t travel but people are.

    Did the experts think that would happen?

    Restaurant owners are telling the police to leave because they are not welcome and are trespassing.

    The experts failed to account for human behavior.

    That is the problem.

    I don’t blame them, they are experts in only one field, not all knowing gods.

    At this point they have lost pretty much all credibility with the people.

    It’s time that we start taking a more realistic approach to this problem.

    Any plan that does not account for reality is inherently a pretty bad plan.

    You simply can’t expect people to give up their livelihoods and stay home and let their family starve.

    The economy is not about your 401k or some rich guys brokerage account.

    The economy is about how we produce and distribute the basic goods and services that we require as a society.

    If we destroy that, we destroy our society along with it.

  4. The freaking democRATS keep the goal posts moving, don’t they?

  5. If they would have used the cocktail that President Trump was given which we have plenty of lots of these people would not be in a BED, but oh than the left could not look like heros… could they and keep charging the $$ …

    What a joke this has become…

    come on sheep… right this way

  6. All these manipulations are designed to keep the scamdemic going.

    Dismiss the fakery.

  7. How many will now dies bc other operations are postponed; how many because they put off testing; how many suicides caused by Chinese virus lockdowns?

    What about these numbers?

  8. They only care about one thing at this point, trashing our economy so we can have the great reset.

    In the view of leftists human lives are really of no consequence if they stand in the way of progress.

  9. Pritzker’s math has never made sense. Now playing with beds available numbers to support his failing plan typical.

    4th worse state out of 50.

    Nothing to brag about.

    Pritzker complains about the Dakota about we don’t want to be like them.

    They’re ranked 36 & 42nd from the worst states.

    Pritzker could never lead us to those numbers.

    Someone need to say it, Pritzker your plan & political approach to the covid does not work.

    We’ve seen no improvement since March for Illinois while many others takes have seen improvement.

    Maybe their numbers are realistic and not fake to prolong a power trip.

    The people are on to you and know they can’t believe anything they hear from you or the people in Springfield.

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