Dorr Township Republicans Skipping the Township Election

Unlike the Republican organizations in the other four larger townships eligible by their population being over 5,000, the Dorr Township GOP has decided to run a slate of candidates next spring.

This follows the 2017 practice of non-involvement.

All the candidates will be non-partisan.


Dorr Township Republicans Skipping the Township Election — 6 Comments

  1. I think the correct way to put it is all candidates will be “Independent” given Dorr Township Republicans, and presumably their Democrat and Libertarian counterparts, are not having a primary, or a caucus to nominate candidates for April 6.

    Saves the county taxpayers the cost of an election on February 23, provided the Woodstock city council elections do not create the need for a non-partisan primary.

  2. I don’t see why they would have, Cal.

    1. According to the county clerk’s election archive, Dorr Republicans did not have a primary in 2009 or 2001 either, meaning 2017 was not the first time that happened.

    2. Dorr is strongly Democrat. Putting an R next to their name would put a candidate at a disadvantage; they’d be better off running nonpartisan. If they are not having a primary or caucus, that would back up what I’m saying (assuming Dorr GOP gave it any thought).

    3. In 2013, turnout in the primary was 1.3 percent. Only 183 people out of 14,077 registered voters throughout 14 precincts participated.

    4. Doesn’t it cost taxpayer money to have a primary (or caucus)?

    But I guess you could ask Richard Rostron, Michael Rein, Karen Tirio or whoever the PC are if you wanted to know what the official reason for not having a primary was. I’m just guessing.

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