Message of the Day – A Pie

Look what a Friend of McHenry County Blog sent:

Trumpkin Pie

Want to have some fun with your family?

Cook a pumpkin pie that tastes like a banana cream pie?

Easy to do.

Just mix a pureed ripe banana with the pumpkin mix and put it in the oven.

If you want to mix the pumpkin and banana flavors, put slices of a ripe banana on top and push them down a bit.

Enjoy the fun of watching your family members’ reactions when they eat it.


Message of the Day – A Pie — 7 Comments

  1. Then tell your family about how Trump RTed Randy Quaid three times, urging Republicans to listen to him.

    Then when you get them to follow Quaid’s lead, tell your family that Quaid and his wife skipped bail on a felony charge in 2010, and he was a fugitive in Canada.

    He remained there until he faced deportation in 2015.

    Enjoy the fun of watching your family’s reaction to learning their president is telling them to follow the lead of a bail skipping fugitive. FUN!

  2. OH, stuff it!

    A self-respecting Democrat or Liberal couldn’t be found so. a ‘felon’ with more sense than that will have to do!

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