Message of the Day – A Turkey

This turkey at Dennis Brinkman’s home escaped the Thanksgiving Day table to year before I took this photo, but, since then, has succombed to his neighbors’ dog.

This turkey hadn’t get the axe.


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  1. Where is the justice and righteousness when it comes to the abuse of minor children?

    Hello Mr. Skinner,

    I am currently fighting to obtain my child custody after he was abused emotionally and physically by his own Mother for a long period of time.

    By the grace of GOD, my minor child survived the latest altercation by the quick response of my town PD after a 911 call was done by him, while he was beaten senseless and fighting for his own life.

    The perpetrator is currently waiting for an upcoming criminal jury/trial.

    In the meantime on the civil matter all the authorities involved including the Judge, Attorney (Defense) and GAL managed to give the perpetrator the rights to not lose custody of the minor dismissing all the evidence and testimonies presented in court leaving the child bounded with a trauma of fear that he may have to return to the place where he was abused for a long period of time.

    All my civil motions and petitions were denied by the Judge, and because of that I am moving to the Appellate Court Second District to find justice.

    As I always say, the Legal System is not corrupt.

    It fails because of the bad decisions made by a handful of unethical and unprofessional authorities abusing their power.

    I want a 22nd Circuit Court Free of unethical individuals like these two (attorney and GAL) and this incompetent Judge.

    I want justice for all the abused children that cannot speak for themselves.


    A father of an abused child.

  2. I am been fighting for those who they cannot speak for themselves, for the most precious gift received from GOD (my SON), I have not finish the battle yet, I am keeping my spirit and faith intact, and I am not going to give up until justice finds the path of light .
    Thanks for your support and prayers!

    A father of an abused child.

  3. Best wishes good father.

    My cousin in Pennsylvania got his kid (then 5, now 15) back from an ex who became a lesbian.

    The divorce judge was a lesbian, too.

    He was outraged that the kid was exposed to that lifestyle, especially strange women sleeping over, plus heavy marijuana and amphetemine use in home.

    The lesbian judge gave him LESS visitation because he tried to regain custody and made the promiscuity and drugs in the household an issue.

    Cousin was a smart guy in tech field, so in 2010 he fled US and now lives happily with son in Brazil.

    No extradition for parental kidnapping in Brazil.

    He almost went to Kazakhstan but figured Brazil would be better.

    The lesbian ex even sent an investigator to me early on to find out where he went.

    I gave the guy a red herring and found out he was being paid $5000, double that if he could prove where the pair ended up.

    Get a Christmas card every year from him.

    The son does well in school and speaks/writes English well.

  4. Trifecta Pete, do the father and son speak Portuguese too?

    I’m glad, they’re doing well in Brazil. 🙂

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