Nunda Township’s Republican Candidates

Here are the people who have filed for Nunda Township offices in the Republican Primary Election:


  • Leda Drain
  • Mike Shorten

Highway Commissioner:

  • Mike Lesperance
  • Eric Dowd

Assessor – Mark Dzemske

Clerk – Joni Smith


  • Karen Tynis
  • Justin Franzke
  • Mark Daniel
  • Rob Parrish
  • Tim Parrish
  • Johanna Donahue
  • Robert Koidahl


Nunda Township’s Republican Candidates — 13 Comments

  1. Are Rob and Tim Parrish brothers or partners? I am glad they go to church.

  2. Well, we saw the mother-daughter tag team run, and win, separate countywide offices in neighboring Kane County, from different political parties (Republican Sandy Wegman, reelected 6th term recorder; Democrat Penny Wegman flipped auditor office over 2-term Republican incumbent), so brothers running for the same office where township primary voters can vote for up to 4.

    At least assessor and clerk don’t have to campaign for the primary (and in case one does not know, uncontested offices in the township primary will not appear on the ballot in February).

  3. Hmmmmm equating Shorten with Loser Lutzow?

    Doesn’t make sense. I’m only calling Lutzow a loser because of how he misran the township before his unfortunate stroke, NOT because he got a stroke.

  4. Lutzow lives down the road from me.

    Never waved.

    Sorry to hear about his medical woes.

    Is he still alive?

    He always came to my house for signatures.

  5. Not only did Lutzow fail as supervisor, he failed as clerk also, part of the reason for the records problems at Alg twh.

    Shorten lost a election and was the spokesman for the failed township consolidation effort in 2015, a effort due to fail as that group had no real plan just like Bob Anderson never has a viable plan to get rid of townships.

    Shorten is the Milk Dud Jr.

  6. Shorten is a good guy who runs because he cares about his community.

    We can’t ask for a better candidate.

  7. M on. U must b Mike Shorty Shorten.

    Remember Mike Shorten ran for governor.

    Milk Dud.

  8. Just found out about the Nunda Township meetings on YouTube, and started watching them.

    Yesterday’s meeting was interesting, thanks to the Parrish brothers calling out Lesperance on the paving process.

    If he’s using our money to perform work during inappropriate times, what else has he done?

    Has Lesperance been transparent with other jobs and has he been responsible with all resources?

    Just because we don’t “see” any problems doesn’t mean they’re not there…

    We, as taxpayers in this township, need to become more informed on what goes on and where outr money is being used…

    Therefore, Eric Dowd is my choice, along with the Parrish brothers…

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