“The Liar’s Advantage”

This comes from a Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman from a Trump district, U.S. Rep. Matthew Cartwright (D-Pa.).

Talking about his Republican opponent “making things up,” he told the Washington Post, which reported it in an email:

“…our polling showed that about 30 percent of people believed it anyway. That’s called the ‘liar’s advantage, by the way. You ever heard that term?

Continuing he explains,

“I think it comes from Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the old minister in Germany of public misinformation.

“And the idea is that you repeat a lie enough times, people will begin to believe it.”

Ring any bells in McHenry County?

I mean besides Bruce Rauner’s lies about Jeannie Ives being a tool of Mike Madigan.


“The Liar’s Advantage” — 8 Comments

  1. Only took 22 years for the saps in McHenry Co. To figure out that Franks held the liar’s advantage.

    Soon the Jackalope wil be history!

  2. This sounds exactly like what the democrats have done for 4 years.

    Repeat “Russian inference” enough and people believe it.

    I have zero sympathy for their whining about questioning election results.

    Bidens win is questionable and he definitely has no mandate as the house and senate didn’t go his way.

    On top of that he appears to be compromised by China.

    If you really want to know what the democrats are doing, just look at what they accuse others of.

    They constantly project in this manner.

  3. The cheating was epic.

    So shall be the backlash.

    Watch out little antifags.

  4. The so called Liar’s Advantage is multiplied 100x when the media chooses sides and won’t call out any politician with a ‘D’ after his name.

  5. Franks, Republican’s for Franks, Illinois Integrity Fund or whatever they want to call the hit piece campaign du jour!

    People who can’t run on their record aren’t fit for public office.

    Looks like the majority of voters agree with that sentiment.

    Congratulation Mike Buehler!

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