Algonquin Township Republican Primary Election Contestants

Algonquin Township Republicans have continued its tradition since 1977 of holding a primary election to select candidates.

There are contests for Supervisor and Road Commission.


  • Elaine Ramesh
  • Randolph “Randy” J. Funk
  • Kirk Cole

Highway Commissioner:

  • Robert “Bob” Bragg
  • Danijela Sandberg


  • Richard S. Alexander


  • Maureen Huff


  • Edward J. Zimel, Jr.
  • Millie Medendorp
  • Teresa Sharpe Decker
  • Therese Fronczak

Sandberg is pretty much running the show at the Highway Department now and is Vice Chairperson of the Algonquin GOP Central Committee.

Ramesh is an appointed Township Trustee.

Huff is A Republican Precinct Committeeperson from Lake in the Hills.

Fronczak is a GOP Committeeperson in Crystal Lake.

Trustee Dave Chapman has preciously announced that he is running as an Independent.

Filing for Independents and other local offices runs from December 14th through 21st.

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Again, I remind candidates that press releases, e.g., announcements of candidacy, will be published as sent. The email address is on the left of the web site.


Algonquin Township Republican Primary Election Contestants — 9 Comments

  1. Funk is a great guy who is truly dedicated to the community.

    He spends countless hours every week on charitable work with the Crystal Lake Lions.

    He is no-nonsense and will stop the gouging of taxpayers.

  2. What does that mean Sandberg is pretty much running the show at the Hwy Dpt?

  3. Randy Funk is a great choice!

    Hopefully we get some better choices other than the office secretary for highway commissioner.

  4. The Highway dept has been lead by the clueless one who spends more time spending his $94k paycheck in Mississippi than Illinois.

    She is unprepared and ignorant of public works functions, and she’s afraid to make even simple decisions without a phone call down south.

    We should thank the employees for doing what needs to be done with little to no direction from the office.

  5. sNob, she’s doing what she needs to do and that’s answer to her boss.

    It’s not a matter of fear-it’s common sense.

    I’m sure she has learned quite a lot running the office and being in contact with her boss on any and all issues that come up.

  6. Lani Murphy -Just the next politico in line cutting their teeth at the trough of township politics.

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