Another Suicide Attempt in Lake in the Hills

The Lake in the Hills Police report still another person who attempted suicide was taken to the Huntley Hospital:


Another Suicide Attempt in Lake in the Hills — 9 Comments

  1. Cal, do other towns report attempted suicides to the press or is LITH just a miserable place to be?

  2. These are not “attempts” as one would think.

    They’re likely people who have made suicidal statements and for some reason the police are tasked with dealing with these calls.

    For some reason they are classified improperly.

  3. Its happening in “everytown USA”, pull any Police Blotter and you will see them in every town with a population over 10.

    Some as noted, are threats of suicide, making comments about it, cries for help, and some outright actual attempts.

    Its tough out there these days—Covid, hopelessness, unemployment, debt, opiods, family problems, and very little to zero mental health help available without a wait, an appointment, insurance, or know how to find the free stuff.

    A shame the JFK plan never went through where every town would have a Mental Illness/Health Center, focused on just that–instead they became centers for Obama types to become Community Organizers going after Landlords, unfair labor and other non related Political nonsense and got lost and went away all together.

    Thus little real help beyond some hotlines to call if you happen to know about it.

    Geraldo didnt help either with his work to get “rights” for the mentally ill–which meant they get to wander our streets without shelter, food, help, medicine or treatment..all of which the Police have to handle instead of a trained, available mental illness crisis interventionist and place to go that will provide longer term if needed, assistance.

    these days you might get driven by the cops for a 72 hour hold at the hospital and sent home without much of anything or later follow up.

    Rinse, Repeat Process.

  4. This Covid lockdown sh!t has people broke and depressed.

    The Democrat Progressive fascists are carrying out the great culling!

  5. @Wire I think what Joe was getting at it is LITH is surrounded by Huntley, Algonquin, Crystal Lake and McHenry, all of whom are comparable or higher in population and yet only LITH suicides and attempts are being blottered here.

    That tells one either LITH is the only place that is reporting these or it is a miserable Village to live in?

    Both could be true?

    But having read blotters for 45 years and knowing that suicide attempts are usually not newsworthy, this could be a new phenomena or a new tactic to include in blotters that might be good but then again, might do more harm than good?

    Time will tell if there is a copycat and or another deleterious effect?

  6. I would Cal, don’t you find it ironic that all of a sudden these are included in ONE blotter and we know that suicide attempts happen all the time in all cities and is probably not unique to LITH, but the public’s “right to know” is usually inferior to such a sensitive private personal struggle?

    Although they only list the “500 block” that is still too much information to easily figure out whom and to stigmatize the family.

    There has to be a reason they are now included in their blotter and if it is logical, please share it so we all know WHY, because they have rarely been made public unless they are successful and then it usually is reported as a death investigation where foul play is not suspected and that leads one to believe it was a suicide or a natural causes death.

    Maybe it is a new strategy to show a greater need for mental health budgetary needs, but I would think just showing those statistics at a board meeting would garner the funds needed from the Pols.

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