State Reports Three More Coronavirus Deaths

Here are the details from the Illinois Department of Public Health concerning McHenry County:

  • 1 male 40s
  • 1 female 80s
  • 1 male 80s

The County Health Department’s web site reports 147 such deaths so far.


State Reports Three More Coronavirus Deaths — 6 Comments

  1. Now that people have given their condolences, I think it might be time to ask questions about Chuck Wheeler’s death.

    I just saw that the newspaper quoted him on the 10th.

    Two days later, they reported he was dead.

    Had he tested positive for COVID prior to his death?

    Was he sick when the NW Herald contacted him?

    Was he in the hospital at all?

    What was the cause of death?

    Did any Republicans close to him hear he had COVID prior to his death being announced?

    It just seems like a very condensed timeline to be weighing in on cheating in elections, and then dead from a respiratory disease 2-3 days later.

    The reason I ask is because I have no doubt that there are suicides and homicides being listed as COVID, some may even be political assassinations.

    If you think the government wouldn’t use a vague and dubious disease to exterminate people, you must be a little baby.

    I also think other people are re-locating to safer places and faking their own deaths.

    Like, you are a total retard if you think Jeffrey Epstein is dead.

    That guy has dirt on everybody and probably had fail safes so that if he got killed the info would be released.

    They just relocated him to some island probably and said he killed himself even though he was on suicide watch.

    Cameras mysteriously turned off…

  2. Valley Hi has dozens of people voting there who have been:

    1. Adjudicated incompetent

    2. Dementia & Alzheimer’s patients.

    Check it out at Clerks’ Office.

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