End of Term Pardon?

Usually, Presidents wait until the end of their terms to issue pardons.

Donald Trump did not do that for Roger Stone.

With yesterday’s pardon of General Michael Flynn, I’m wondering if the action is a hint that Trump believes he has lost the election.


End of Term Pardon? — 9 Comments

  1. How is Donald Trump doing?

    How are his recounts and lawsuits going?

    Is he winning or losing? Σ(ಠ_ಠ) 🤔

  2. He couldn’t possibly understand lying as the basis of a crime.

    As far as admitting he lost both the popular and electoral vote, yesterday he called in to a meeting of Pennsylvania republicans and claimed he actually won the election and tried to persuade them to appoint electors contrary to the voters’ choice.

    He does not seem ready to concede.

  3. It could simply mean he thinks Flynns lawyer has gone insane.

    This was widely expected so it’s not even a story.

    Every president has issued pardons big deal.

    If you want to talk about crazy what about the bit on CNN where they think Trump is going to form a shadow government in Mira Lago with Rush Limbaugh?

    These are the same people hiding in their basement with a mask on calling conservatives crazy for having Thanksgiving dinner.

    Sorry, if you believe ANYTHING the MSM tells you at this point, you are not living in reality.

  4. Russ Stewart, has a 11/25/2020 column on Trump getting punked. ☹️

  5. Sun Tzu said appear weak when you are strong.

    Trump understands misdirection.

    Also, was Flynn questioned as a result of that fake dossier and supposed pee pee tapes?

    If so, I can understand why he would be pardoned.

    That Russiagate stuff was a witch hunt, and people from the FBI should be fired and prosecuted for what they did.

    Submitting knowingly false information on FISA warrants seems unethical, if not illegal.

  6. Flynn admitted to his crimes in order to avoid a counterintelligence probe of his actions.

    Flynn’s pardon means he accepts his guilt and can no longer plead the 5th in court.

    I wonder if trump has thought that far ahead.

    He seems to think the pardon is a reward.

    Also, ironic that trump pardons an admitted agent of the Turkish government on Turkey day.

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