Friday McHenry Food Distribution Hits Record

Last week, 141 families received food at the food distribution held jointly by the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake and The Chapel in McHenry.

The Chapel in McHenry

The Chapel on Route 31 (on the south side of town next to the Waste Management yard) provides the location, as well as volunteer.

When the distribution, in cooperation with the Northern Illinois Food Bank, moved from Algonquin Township to The Chapel, the number of families served was about a hundred.

The week before last, the number was 120.

Organizing the food.

People are asked not to arrive before 1:30 because it takes that long to organize the food into categories:

  • meat
  • dairy
  • deli
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • canned goods, coffee, crackers
  • sweets, pretty much anything one can imagine
  • bread
  • cereal

This past Friday volunteers did not finish taking boxes out to vehicles until 5:30, according to Deb Health, the effort’s leader.

Additional volunteers are welcome.

People are needed starting about 10:30.

Folks are also needed for clean-up, which has started about 3:30 until the most recent surge in cars vans and trucks.

With most people having a Happy Thanksgiving, there are people needing food without the resources to buy it.

If you know such families, please let them know about this opporunity.

As the billboard in the background of the photo of The Chapel says, this effort is a “Judgment Free Zone.”

Everyone who comes receives food, no questions asked.

But, tell them NOT to come tomorrow because volunteers will be with their families.


Friday McHenry Food Distribution Hits Record — 9 Comments

  1. Please do not come to our food truck tomorrow November 27th as we will not be there to serve. The northern Illinois foodbank is closed and we will not be receiving food.

    We will be back serving on December 4th at 1:30

  2. Cal, that “judgement free zone” in the background is an advertisement for Planet Fitness.

    It means they promote a culture where they don’t fat-shame, or make fun of people for lifting light weights, or otherwise not being fit.

    Think of Planet Fitness kind of like the Oberlin University of health clubs: the gym is a safe space.

    It’s possible you are confused, or it’s possible that both Planet Fitness and this church are claiming to be “judgement free zones.”

    I think you probably just goofed up though.

  3. This is just the beginning.

    When Lord Jumbo Boy, King Of Burgers And Gluttony and his DEMOCRAT friends
    are finally finished fleecing Illinois, we will all be in the bread line.

    I’m surprised that he hasn’t taxed food pantries . . . yet.

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