Reaction to Kenneally Announcement that Pritzker’s Edict Will Not Be Enforced

WMAQ-TV reports the following comment by Governor JB Pritzker about McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s announcement that he will not enforce the Governor’s Executive order prohibiting indoor dining:


Reaction to Kenneally Announcement that Pritzker’s Edict Will Not Be Enforced — 12 Comments

  1. Have not trusted this newspaper since they endorsed the grossly incompetent candidate, Obama, back in 2008.

    Flynn was authorized by his position in the incoming Trump Cabinet to talk to government officials in other nations, including Russia. There was absolutely no reason for the federal bureau to have requested and then conducted an interview of Flynn in which they, the bureau, violated protocols. Flynn was set up. Framed.

  2. Hmmm, framed by the Justice Department who convicted Flynn all by himself. …

    Oh, wait.

    They only prosecuted him in front of an entirely different branch of government who then convicted him.

    This was totally a fix.

    Oh, what?

    My only regret is that we allow those who didn’t pass 10th grade social studies to opine on the internet. -Mark Twain

  3. He wasn’t framed.

    He lied.

    Why did he lie ?

    Because the FBI didn’t have a good reason to interview him ? Because the FBI violated its own protocols ?

    Oh well, I understand then.

    Not a fan of folks who lie, particularly to law enforcement officials.

  4. Ape, You have never lied?

    And to LEO is semantics, for a jury to decide.

  5. Kenneally must be reading this blog. He’s starting to smell the coffee.

  6. ** And to LEO is semantics, for a jury to decide.**

    Uh. First, not semantics. It’s the entire point.

    Second, a jury didn’t need to decide because he ADMITTED guilt and plead guilty.

  7. But good to know “conservatives” are cool with lying to LEOs.

  8. enlightened

    Sure, I’ve lied, lots of times, when to do otherwise would be gratuitously cruel or unthinking — you know, little white lies.

    What I deem as — to coin an apt phrase —
    “unpardonable” lies are those made solely for one’s own benefit.

    But I’ve never lied to law enforcement officials.

    If I had I’d probably have lost my license.

    You think a jury might conclude that special agents of the FBI aren’t executive officials within the meaning of 18 U.S.C. § 1001 ? Really ?

    I think you’re wrong there. Actually, it’s a mixed question of law and fact (whether the investigators are actually FBI agents), but the courts have held that lying to the FBI does, as a matter of law, constitute a crime under 18 U.S.C. § 1001.

    Besides, a jury didn’t need to decide — he pleaded guilty, twice.

  9. Who are these idiots Alabama and Innocent?

    The same person?

    Escapees from Madden Psychiatric Hosp?

    A ‘professor’ at NIU or MCC?


    The person(s) obviously needs help.

  10. All these idiots seemingly concerned with lies makes me realize that they have NO IDEA WHAT A LIE IS! Your government has been lying to you for hundreds of years. Your media lies to you EVERY SINGLE DAY. But lets all beat each other over the head with how absolutely RIGHT we are in whatever stupid fantasy we choose to endure.

  11. Sorry, Terminator, but y’all aren’t important enough for me to take the time to create multiple profiles.

    The only folks around here that I know for sure have created fake profiles around here have been conservatives (Hi Allen!).

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