Santa Beep and Greet

This is too funny not to share.

The Recreation Department of the Village of Algonquin is holding a “beep and Greet” experience with Santa Saturday, December 5th at Jacobs High School from 4-7.

I have seen other promotions for seeing Santa behind plexiglass.


Santa Beep and Greet — 5 Comments

  1. About as personal and exciting as the Merry Cary Christmas “drive by turnaround” Parade. Parade Floats parked in the Metra lot, residents stay in their cars and “drive by” them—waving I guess, not sure if candy will be thrown though. Better than nothing, but I think we can all guess where this is eventually headed—More Govt in our lives if we let it.

    Just like the message of the “It Is written” blog post here about Thanksgiving, only that was more about Religion being the Government in peoples lives then—now its the Real government in everyones life.

  2. Exactly, Bill. And we let these idiots do it instead of shooting them.

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