Attempt to Destroy Second McKinley Monument – Coincidence?

First, in Chicago, someone tried to pull down a statute of President William McKinley.

Chicago statute attacked.

Now, in Buffalo, another attempt has been made to destroy a McKinley monument.

Is more going on here than meets the eye?


Attempt to Destroy Second McKinley Monument – Coincidence? — 13 Comments

  1. Well, he was assassinated by an anarchist for starters.

    He also considered to be a protectionist who favored large tariffs.

    During his administration Hawaii became a US territory and we fought the Spanish American War that gave us control of Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines and Cuba.

    He also ran for reelection on a theme of having returned prosperity to America.

    I just did a quick read on Wikipedia and these are some possible reasons I can think of for a leftist to specifically dislike McKinley.

  2. McKinley was a Freemason, but he called the federal reserve system, then floating around as a proposal, a rotten theft.

  3. Well he was right about that one.

    The creature from jekyll island is perhaps the greatest scam ever pulled on the American people.

  4. If that van driver didn’t hit the statue by accident then she deserves a Darwin award.

  5. Martin, there is pretty much no difference between those two articles except the one you link goes to greater lengths to give legitimacy to the states actions, it starts off with this

    “Vermont schools now have the authority to ask students if their families have gathered with other households over the Thanksgiving break, according to the Vermont Agency of Education.”

    That is stating it as fact that the government has this authority.

    That is a dishonest method of persuasion called assuming the premise.

    The author assumes this point is true and tries to encourage the reader to rush to the same conclusion without fully considering it.

    The first article is actually trying to question the point that your example just assumes is true.

    They are simply making a different assumption – that most readers would find it absurd on it’s face that the government would act in such a way.

    Not saying they made a great argument, but that was the purpose.

  6. The truth is that the government has zero authority to limit private gatherings.

    The first ammendment gives us the right to assemble.

    It doesn’t say that right is limited to protesting, rather its one of many rights listed including the right to petition the government.

  7. With Gacy, Dahmer, H.H. Holmes and the brutal mistreatment and murder of A.J. Freund, law enforcement was involved.

    Law enforcement is connected to local government, of course.

    All of the above crimes occurred at private residences. ☹️

  8. Neal, I love you!


    Stold my thunder but glad to backt you up!

    Everything Neal wrote is absolutely on target!

    Read closely, then read it again.

    Let it sink in!!!!!

  9. The big cheater has to now rein in his obammmie and friends aka soros zoo people get them under control

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