Joe & Helene Walsh List Mundelein Home

Joe and Helene Walsh have put their Mundelein estate on the market.

The estate has plenty of room for parking.

It was the site of numerous gatherings and rallies attended by hundreds of supporters and WIND-Radio listeners.

The Walsh home and barn with Stan Bond in the foreground,

No word on where the Walshes will move.

Meal time in the barn.

The listing price is $769,000.


Joe & Helene Walsh List Mundelein Home — 10 Comments

  1. Rumor has it that Walsh on his way to D.C. to work for Biden as his blowhard czar.

    Could this be true ?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Somehow, in light of Joe Walsh’s opposition to President Trump, I’m hearing the words from The Godfather, Part II saying:

    “When a plot against the emperor fails…”

    Put another way, there’s nowhere to run.

  3. YEP getting out while the getting is good … cause your 4 more years of oppression coming

  4. Leaving with his Yenta.

    He was controlled opposition folks from start to finish.

    And you fell for it.

    Again and again.

  5. He was a skunk.

    I feel sorry for Barb Babbey.

    He did her wrong.

  6. What a loser. And his doofus wife lost a seat that had been Republican for 60 years. Two losers made for each other.

  7. Terminator- I don’t think the delinquent Walsh was controlled opposition from start to finish.

    He’s too stupid and so is his wife.

    He’s just got so few roots he can be blown by any wind that comes along.

    It’s how he can become the delinquent he’s been in the past.

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