UPDATED with Maps – Comparing McHenry County Trump Results with Those of 6th & 14th Congressional Races

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

McHenry County Trump results.
Trump Algonquin Township.
Algonquin Township precinct map.
Burton Township precinct map.
Oberweis-Underwood results in northern McHenry County.
Oberweis-Underwood results in southern McHenry County.
Chemung Township precincts map.
Coral Township precinct map.
Dorr Township precinct map.
Grafton Township precinct map.
Hartland Township has no population centers. Route 14 runs through it from Woodstock to Harvard.
Hebron Township precinct map.
Marengo Township precinct map.
McHenry Township precinct map.
Nunda Township precinct map.
Richmond Township precinct map.
Seneca Township precinct map.
Mike Buehler election results map.


UPDATED with Maps – Comparing McHenry County Trump Results with Those of 6th & 14th Congressional Races — 21 Comments

  1. Very cool. People in same precincts elect both Casten and Underwood at same time. I likes that.

  2. Casten is only in Algonquin Township, Underwood in the others.

  3. Put another way, no split precincts in McHenry County, so no noise as can happen with doing similar comparisons in other counties in 6th and 14th districts.

  4. A recount in Wisconsin’s largest county demanded by Republican President Donald Trump’s election campaign ended Friday with Democratic President-elect Joe Biden gaining votes.

    After the recount in Milwaukee County, Biden had a net gain of 132 votes, out of nearly 460,000 cast. Overall, Biden gained 257 votes to Trump’s 125.

  5. Ah so.

    Split precincts exist elsewhere in 6th and 14th.

    Very good.

  6. Here are more interesting cuts at the numbers:

    Trump beat Biden in McHenry County by 4,103 votes.

    In the 14th district (McHenry County minus Algonquin Township), Trump beat Biden by 7,247 votes.

    If my guerilla math is accurate, Biden won Algonquin Township by 3,144 over Trump.

    And yes, there are several 3rd party candidates in the presidential numbers who received some votes, along with the Libertarian candidate in the 6th district race.

    Also, Trump’s margin in 14th district of McHenry County is larger than the 7,028 margin of Oberweis over Underwood.

    I know some of the data noise imbalance in the 14th could be federal-only voters who could not cast a vote for Illinois’ electors for the Presidency but could cast votes for Congress and the Senate.

    But knowing Oberweis’ 60,653 votes in McHenry County topped Trump’s vote count in the 14th of 60,465 by 188 votes, looks like presidential votes went to 3rd party candidates.

    Just some fun with the numbers, without getting to paralysis by analysis.

  7. Because the state legislature controls how the electors are determined, and have the right to overrule electors, voters do not have direct-election of electors like we do for Congress or U.S. Senate.

    That’s why a federal-only voters cannot vote for electors for the presidency.

    I found that out this year, too. Look at the total registered voters in any county for presidential electors, and compare with total registered voters for U.S. Senator, and the U.S. Senator registered votes within a county is always higher.

    Reason, federal-only voters don’t vote for electors.

  8. Also there were probably write in votes at each precinct that end up effectively being an under vote.

    If the candidate you write in has not filed paperwork as a write those votes are not counted.

  9. Fourteen East Magazine has an article online (Cam Rodriguez, November 26, 2020) about Illinois’ 20 Electors. πŸ¦‰πŸ””

  10. Aquino replaced Garcia, as an elector. 😐

    Congresspeople can’t participate as Electoral College Electors. 😐

  11. Please everyone, in case you didn’t know, Congressman Jesus Garcia’s diminutive nick name is spelled “Chuy”, not “Chewey”.

    Given I too am Hispanic and like Congressman Garcia of Mexican heritage, I’m taking the misspelling as an honest mistake, which I hope you’ll correct going forward.

    Thank you.

  12. So, so many possibilities for fraud with absentee ballots, early voting, ballot harvesting, poll watchers denied access to ballot counting, dead people voting, dead people being mailed ballots, questionable computer hardware and software, etc. The U.S. needs a total overhaul, redesign of the election process and eliminating ALL absentee ballots and early voting. Voting must only be on one or two consecutive dates and In-Person. Only live people, with adequate proof they are US citizens, should be allowed to vote. Everyone must be required to re-register to vote AND prove who they are and that they are actually U.S. citizens. Photo ID and biometrics must be required upon registration and when voting. Motor voter registration must be eliminated and all registrations must be completed in advance of the election date(s).

    The entire 2020 election process and results needs to be examined by a U.S. Special Prosecutor with full transparency and all fraud reported to America. Then, a new system needs to be designed and implemented in time for the 2024 presidential election.


  13. so is this saying OB did win over buckwheat? or does the cheating go on…

  14. Again, if you know of “cheating,” please provide details.

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