Message of the Day – Feet

Jack Franks’ feet seem to be the topic of the Friday front page of the Northwest Herald:

One might think the big shoes were needed because of Jack Franks’ heavy footedness.


Message of the Day – Feet — 12 Comments

  1. Hah! Or BUEHLER can just do what Frank’s did and not fill the seats for over TWO Years as he did with the Coroner’s office.

    NWHerald, “Big Shoes to Fill?”

    Get thafockouttahere!

  2. Could be interesting if Buehler does something different from the “pointers” he received from outgoing Chairman Jack Franks and Democratic Party Chair Kristina Zahorik.

    Unlike state legislators, the filling of vacancies is the chairman’s appointment with advice and consent of the board.

    Maybe, to as Zahorik hinted, to show some real bipartisan collaboration, but not what Zahorik sees as cooperation, Buehler could vet the appointment applicants himself, and present his “short list” of 2 or 3 finalists to be interviewed in executive session by the appropriate county board committee, either the Administrative Services Committee or the Law & Government/Liquor Committee.

    Basically, have board members help vet the finalists, and Buehler can take the direct inputs of the appropriate committees as additional input, or even allow the committee to by consensus recommend an applicant for appointment.

    It’d be different, and be a departure from how other county board chairmen filled board vacancies in the past.

    It’s up to Buehler, and would give everyone watching the new chairman to see what is really different to his approach to not only governing, but leading.

  3. Speaking of “shoes” I am waiting for the other shoe to drop on the ComEd/Madigan case to see if Franks is involved either as a defendant or a cooperating witness who was given a “deal” to testify.

    He has a peculiar problem there in that he voted against the ComEd rate hike in the general session in 2011 and then reversed and voted it for it in the veto session where more votes were needed.

    I think he may have been the deciding vote.

    One of the four defendants in the government case thus far gave him the maximum personal contribution.


  4. Buehler should appoint a hard R Republican …. like Bob Anderson, or somebody really good!

  5. State law says that when a partisan elected official leaves office he or she must be replaced with someone from the same party.

  6. DaddyO Franks aka Herbie, put the kobash on ANY future bad press on his little fallen angel.

  7. Correcting, If you read the story, you know that the ‘Big Shoes’, presumably, refer to replacing Wheeler and Ness.

    But, knowing journalism, we also realize that the Northwest Herald is aware that 90-percent-or-more of the people who see the story won’t read far enough to know that; they’ll assume it refers to filling Franks’ shoes (now that’s a laugh).

    Mike Buehler doesn’t have to worry about filling Franks’ shoes.

    Buehler is headed in another direction where the path is not paved with patronage and political opportunism.

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