Coronavirus Testing at Valley Hi Nursing Home

I sent the following comment from “Gary Puckett” (found here) about Covid-19 testing to our McHenry County nursing home Administrator Thomas Annarella:

Valley does not test!

Only incoming residents!

Valley Hi

Here is his reply:

Valley Hi is testing staff twice a week. 

We are also testing all medical partners who are accessing the building on a regular basis. 

We have also been testing County employees that come in for meetings such as the Risk Manager or the Facilities Management Director.  W

e are currently averaging between 175 and 200 tests a week.

As for residents, we are only testing incoming residents and residents that exhibit any signs or symptoms of upper respiratory.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of people in the community saying a lot of things that are simply not true. 

We are being as aggressive as we possibly can from a testing and infection control standpoint. 

We recently had an IDPH [Illinois Department of Public Health] annual survey, we tested the surveyors before letting them in the building. 

They noted we were the first facility that made them test.

I assure you, we are testing like crazy. 

I have 2 full-time nursing managers dedicated to nothing but testing right now.

Hope this helps clarify things.


Coronavirus Testing at Valley Hi Nursing Home — 9 Comments

  1. Why would anyone be testing like crazy when they have ALREADY announced that there is NO SUCH THING as a test!!!! Even the criminal CDC has announced that they NEVER HAD A TEST! What do these fools think they are testing for? People are getting dumber by the minute.

  2. Someone should FOIA these staff tests. The IDs of the tested can be redacted.

    Valley Hi is a governmental institution and covered by FOIA.

    There’s lying going on. My daughter in law worked there until late October 2020……. never tested

  3. I sent your comment to Annarella and this is his reply:

    “Unfortunate, but we can back it up. Timing is everything as we were only testing once a week early in October when the County positivity rate as posted by CMS was below 10%, but we have been testing for quite a long time now. We have to submit our testing every week to the federal government and testing in long term care facilities is required and the frequency is dictated by CMS.”

  4. Post the allege ‘testing’ results and the exact tests involved!

    Are they just temperature checks?

    Discredited PCR tests?

    Antibody tests for Corona viron particles from exposure to some carina virus contracted years ago?

    Why does everybody in the dementia ward vote at Valley Hi vote?

    Very interesting!

  5. Why do they call it Valley Hi?

    Is there a high school nearby?

  6. The make the dementia oldsters think they’re back in high school with sock hops, pep rallies, a ‘mean’ bossy principal (Head nurse), cafeteria antics.

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