Jack Franks Dining with Michael Madigan

A small part of the 800 or so who rallied for Trump at the Bull Valley Country Club in August.

Seeing the following reference to House Speaker Michael Madigan’s habit of having dinner at Saputo’s (an Italian restaurant near the Convention Center) brought back a conversation from the big Bull Valley Country Club Trump Rally put on by Gary Rabine:

The man was in Springfield on a lobby day and went to dinner at Saputo’s.

Who should he see in the back corner at Mike Madigan’s special table, but State Rep Jack Franks.

So much for the reputation that Franks and Madigan were not close.


Jack Franks Dining with Michael Madigan — 15 Comments

  1. Just goy my last Com Ed bill for the year.

    Checked my spread sheet and learned that we paid 13% more for electricity this year than last year.

    Could that have been part of the political scam?

    We the people pay more so the crooks can get more patronage jobs approved?

    I want to be the lead plaintiff in the class action.

  2. I snuck into Cal’s house last night and stole the most recent page out of his diary; it read:

    Dear Diary,
    A month since Jack Franks lost…

    First, he took away my fun saying he had a part time job. Then he got fit and gone were the fat jokes. Now,
    I almost can’t bear how, indeed, relevant mentions of him are numbered. It bemoans to know I’ll have to resort to ad nauseam shit posts about him soon to scratch my Jack-itch.

    Who, if anyone, fillith the void he’s left?

    As Socrates said, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.”

    But what becomes of the victors who continue to debate those who lost?

    I praytell my anecdotal post, today, about him and Madigan will provoke Joe Tirio and the lukewarm body of Chuck Wheeler to author comments on the page and in my soul, lifting this broken spirit.


  3. Fair Play, is Franks a sex freak, stalker or pervert? Do you have any answer?

  4. Fair Play = Craven Craver, Franks’ little scribbler.

    Time to find a new host for your parasitism Fair Play.

    Maybe you could be Vijuk’s caddie or Yensen’s launderer.

  5. OK, so the same dinner every night.

    Anyone know what Madigan orders for dinner every night?

    I knew about the apple.

    Oh, and if you know the white wine, that would be of interest.

  6. There has to be a reason why Jack’s Rte 47 message board said “Thanks for the Opportunity to Serve”.

    What a creep!

  7. Joe Blow,

    The Franks sign ought to say:


  8. The apple is symbolic.

    It’s a Biblical allusion, and he does it to reinforce the hierarchy invoking some form of Divine Right. There are two implications.

    First, he possesses the apple.

    Second, he can give fruit to whoever is loyal to him.

    The other person understands they are the subject.

    You think Mike Madigan wouldn’t use a piece of fruit to psychologically manipulate people and get them in line?
    He does it with alarm clocks.


    This is a really sick guy!

    Not the good kind of sick..

  9. Kenneally also dines with Franks.

    Or at least he did before Franks lost his race to newcomer, fresh face, Buehler.

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