Message of the Day – Sky Writing – Updated

There is a skywriter over Disney World pretty much every day our family has been there.

Here is how his message begins:

“TR” the message begins.

As the skywriter begins his message, “TR” appeared.

People standing around said, “It’s going to say ‘Trump.'”

“It’s going to say “‘Trump.'”

But, repeat visitors to the park knew better.

It was the beginning of a message that says, “Trust Jesus,” when completed.

“Trust,” not “Trump.”

A Friend of McHenry County Blog sent a photo of the entire message:

“Trust Jesus” over Disney World.


Message of the Day – Sky Writing – Updated — 6 Comments

  1. Disney World is filthy disgusting evil just like the whole Disney conglomerate. Just wait until you find out how much pedophilia and child trafficking you have been supporting by flocking to that decrepit place.

  2. Guess the libtards can’t block that message ….. yet.

    Maybe it’s antisemitic or antimoslem and will be forbidden in the future on that basis.

  3. Come back, Cal.

    You WILL be missed! We have no real news source with the liberal rag that is the NWHerald!

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