IA-02: After Recount Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks Claims Victory by 6 Votes *UPDATE*: Iowa Certifies Miller-Meeks Victory

Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks

“It is the honor of a lifetime to be elected to serve the people of eastern and southern Iowa. Iowans are tenacious, optimistic and hard working, and I will take those same attributes to Washington, D.C.”

Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks tweet 11/28/20


The Republicans have flipped a 14th congressional district bringing their net total districts flipped to 11.

On Saturday, the last of the recounts in the open Democrat IA-02 district was completed, and Republican Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks won by 6 votes.

With no more ballots to count, and all ballots counted and recounted, Miller-Meeks claimed victory Saturday afternoon, issuing this statement:

“With the Clinton County recount finished this afternoon, all 24 counties have counted, recounted and in some cases, recounted again, the results of Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank county auditors, their staffs and the volunteers who worked so hard these past few weeks to conduct the recount.

“They personify the words ‘public servant’ and ‘engaged citizenship.’

“While the race is extraodrinarily close, I am proud to have won this contest and look forward to being certified as the winner by the state’s Executive Council on Monday.”

Miller-Meeks campaign statement, 11/28/20


While the AP has not called this race, but with the recount completed, last-minute legal maneuvers by Democrat Rita Hart’s campaign expected.

Here is the tweet from Cook Political Report Dave Wasserman:

Just like most people will say each election, “every vote counts” takes more significance in the 2nd Congressional District of Iowa.

UPDATE: Iowa Certifies Miller-Meeks 6-vote win


IA-02: After Recount Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks Claims Victory by 6 Votes *UPDATE*: Iowa Certifies Miller-Meeks Victory — 11 Comments

  1. The Dems are probably kicking themselves for not cheating just a little bit more.

  2. Republicans had a good year in Iowa.

    They gained seats in the state legislature, they gained at least one U.S. House seat, they re-elected U.S. Senator Ernst, and they voted for President Trump.

    If Miller-Meeks wins, 3/4 of Iowa’s U.S. House Reps will be Republican.

    If she loses, it will be a 2/2 split.

    In the current congress, Democrats have a 3/1 majority.

  3. Correcting, we’ll know by end-of-day today if Dr. Miller-Meeks is *OFFICIALLY* declared the winner by the Iowa Canvassing Board.

    If so, no AP “call” of a projected winner needed , as officials will have legally called an actual winner in Dr. Miller-Meeks.

    Keep in mind, both the initial count, and the recount had Dr. Miller-Meeks with the most votes, with a 47 votes win with initial count, and a 6 votes win after recount.

    That does not prevent legal action, but if the Iowa officials declare Dr. Miller-Meeks the winner, she will be seated on January 3 in DC barring an extraordinary Court action.

    The only “irregularity” that came up in the recount was in Scott County, where a numerical imbalance of 131 ballots between election night counting and recount counting took place.

    According to Miller-Meeks legal team, those 131 ballots would make no difference in the outcome, and the Scott County Electoral Board certified its results this morning.

    If no legal action by Rita Hart’s campaign over Scott County’s ballot count imbalance, then they’ve accepted the Miller-Meeks explanation and the Scott County’s certification of results.

    As it stands, the Iowa U.S. House delegation will be 3-1, and Iowa Republicans flipped both IA-01 and IA-02.

    And don’t forget, in IA-04, gadfly Republican Steve King lost in the primary back in early June, so three new House members will be sworn-in on January 3.

  4. I’m surprised the pre-election polls didn’t have Trump at negative numbers

  5. Let me get this straight, Trump overperforms from his ’16 election results, but loses?

    This has never happened to an incumbent President.

    The blacks in big cities in Georgia, MI and Pa vote in bigger percentages than for Obama.

    But blacks elsewhere vote in surprising percentages everywhere else?

    C’mon….. quit cheating.

  6. John, when do we read about Allen Skillicorn and Anita Craig? Σ(ಠ_ಠ)🤔🙂🔔

  7. Where’s the video proof of all this rampant vote stealing, cheating? Σ(ಠ_ಠ)🤔😮🦉🔔

  8. There is a provision in Iowa law for contesting certification of an election in front of five member judicial panel headed by the Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court.

    Rita Hart blew off the deadline for this and is instead taking the matter directly to the US House of Representatives.

    I’m sure Hart is hoping that Pelosi and her minions will nullify the decision of the Iowa officials and award her the seat.

    The House’s decision would be final, and there would be no recourse to the courts.

    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she got away with it.

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