Another Talks of Suicide in Lake in the Hills — 9 Comments

  1. I thought you were going to ask around Cal and see why LITH is the only one reporting this non-crime/mental health issue in the blotter?

    We just want to know the reason, it may be logical and they just might be trail blazers by reporting this kind of stuff that their peers don’t usually report.

  2. I fear this kind of stuff is only going to increase with the holidays.

    Stop living in fear, go see family just take precautions.

    Humans do not survive on bread alone.

  3. This is how crazy people are getting, the story is from Canada but still noteworthy if you ask me.

    This 90 year old woman was so distraught at the thought of another lockdown that she requested and was granted an assisted suicide.

    What kind of sick world is it where elderly people are choosing to commit suicide because they can’t take the lockdown meant to protect them, and we think it’s a good thing.

  4. @Knight, suspected suicides are death investigations and usually reported as a death investigation where foul play is not suspected.

    Could be a suicide or a natural cause, could end up being a homicide?

    Suicides attempts or ideations are not crimes, they are mental health issues and usually not reported to blotters so the printing press doesn’t exacerbate the situation.

    The victims privacy out-weights the public’s right to know.

  5. Stormy d? Algonquin is an ICLEI signer. One of the very first. They are New World Odor promoters. Now, do you see why they are tracking all this mental health stuff and exposing people’s private business? Get it?

  6. @Cindy, that’s okay if you track it and internalize the information and work with your experts to help manage it, but to release it to Blogs probably doesn’t do any one of these people any favors.

    Algonquin is always first on almost everything, very forward thinking people there.

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