UPDATED 12/1/20: Smear List Tracks Defamatory Statements Against Kyle Rittenhouse

Michelle Malkin
Kyle Rittenhouse

Launched just a week after Kenosha shootings the complete list through 1st of December

On September 2nd, conservative leader Michelle Malkin launched her “Smear Thread” on Twitter, sharing with her 2+ million followers the high profile people who’ve made defamatory statements against Antioch, IL teenager Kyle Rittenhouse.

With Rittenhouse’s next court appearance scheduled in Kenosha on Thursday, McHenry County Blog shares the full list, based on Malkin’s Twitter timeline, documenting all of the individuals she has tracked, or added by #FightBack Foundation Chairman and CEO Lin Wood, added to it.

This past Saturday night, November 28, Lin Wood tweeted #FightBack Foundation will be devoted to voting fraud legal claims in the wake of the presidential election, and all matters concerning Kyle Rittenhouse would be through Lead Attorney John M. Pierce.

Mr. Wood responded to a reply to the above tweet with this transcribed response:

“Focus is now on successfully defending Kyle in criminal case in Wisconsin. John M. Pierce is leading those efforts & defamation cases thereafter. I will always help Kyle when he asks for my help. I love the boy.” – Lin

Lin Wood response in Twitter 11/28/20 with emphasis added


To aid the transition, and to keep all informed of any civil legal action of defamation, McHenry County Blog presents the entire Smear List for reference.

It’s no secret, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D, IL-14) who represents most of McHenry County and Rittenhouse’s home town of Antioch was added to the Smear List on October 1.

In addition to Underwood, six of her Democratic House colleagues, all of whom won reelection, are on the Smear List. Three of the four members of the Leftist “Squad” are on the list.

For ease of reading, the list is transcribed, beginning the the launch of the Smear List on September 2:

“This is the Kyle Rittenhouse SMEAR THREAD. Keeping track of the blue-checkmark lies & defamation. Will update early & often. #FightBack

Introductory tweet, Michelle Malkin, 9/2/20


As each Smear List person is identified using Ms. Malkin’s transcribed tweet with in some cases colorful language, the sub-bullet underneath is the tweet the person said smearing Kyle Rittenhouse. Where appropriate, a link to the McHenry County Blog article can be clicked for further reference.

For those closely following the Rittenhouse case, this article may be one to bookmark, as the list will be maintained in future updates:

  • 1/ Shaun King & his racist rag The North Star
    • “‘Armed White Supremacist in Kenosha Says He Collaborated and Strategized With Local Police’ Kyle Rittenhouse was clearly protected by a layer of privilege that Black protesters across the country simply never receive.”
Taken 1/3/19 Congressional Swearing In Day
Lauren Underwood & Ayanna Pressley
  • 2/ Racist smear merchant Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D, MA-07)
    • “A 17 year old white supremacist domestic terrorist drove across state lines, armed with an AR 15. He shot and killed 2 people who had assembled to affirm the value, dignity, and worth of Black lives. Fix your [EXPLETIVE, DELETED] headlines.”
  • 3/ Hollywood hate-monger Billy Baldwin
    • “Imagine going to a protest to support social justice for minorities and the marginalized and being killed by a radical 17-year-old white supremacist. I pray Anthony Huber didn’t die in vain. I pray Kyle Rittenhouse dies in prison.”
  • 4/ Racial hate-hustler Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D, WI-04)
    • “The same police department who shot an unarmed black man 7 times in the back for walking away from them just let an armed white supremacist walk right past them after shooting people. See the problem?”
  • 5/ New York journalist Chris Williamson of Sports New York TV
    • “This is one example of systematic racism: Kyle Rittenhouse murdered two people in cold blood and they paint the white supremacist as a good ole kid. Meanwhile, Jacob Blake gets shot in the back 7 times at point blank range and they paint the Black man as a troublemaker.”
  • 6/ “Award-winning journalist” Ernest Owens of “Ernest Media Empire”
    • “Just to be clear, I don’t want anyone calling Kyle Rittenhouse ‘a lone wolf.’ That white boy is a [EXPLETIVE, DELETED] murderer. A white supremacist assassin.”
  • 7/ “Progressive Christian activist and author” | Fellow, Center for American Progress’ Faith Initiative Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons
    • “A ‘Christian’ crowdfunding site normally used for mission trips has helped Kyle Rittenhouse raise over $200,000. 5,000+ Christians have signed this petition calling for Give & Go to stop aiding a white supremacist vigilante.”
  • 8/ “Canadian radio personality” Dean Blundell
    • “Hey Trumpers, thhis is your boy Kyle Rittenhouse who murdered a couple of protestors in Kenosha the other day. Remember him?”
  • 9/ “Author, columnist, and comedian” Steve Hofstetter
    • “Donald Trump just casually defended Kyle Rittenhouse, a white supremacist who murdered two people. If you still support him, you are supporting THAT. THAT is who you are.”
  • 10/ Punk Victor Berger IV
    • “There’s video of a 17 year old white supremacist punching young girls AND murdering people who were marching against cops killing Black people, so OF COURSE right wingers are celebrating Kyle Rittenhouse as a hero.”
  • 11/ Beltway crapweasel of crapweasels Congressman Eric Swawell (D, CA-15)
    • “Track this — Donald Trump can’t even condemn a mass shooter — but he somehow wants you to believe he can heal us? On what planet is the country less violent if Trump is re-elected.”
  • 12/ Shameless Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D, CA-14)
    • “Rittenhouse, murderer of 2 and attempted murderer of 1, illegally crosses state lines with an assault weapon and @POTUS defends him. Truly, what is this country coming to?”
  • 13/ Obama hack/character assassin Jon Favreau
    • “Rittenhouse drove to Kenosha from Illinois carrying an illegal weapon and shot three people. We already know he wasn’t a law-abiding citizen trying to protect anything.”
  • 14/ Dumbass Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe
    • “The president just spoke as though he were defense counsel for Kyle Rittenhouse, the AR-15-toting Trump fanboy who came from Illinois to shoot two unarmed people to death in Kenosha, Wisconsin a couple days ago. This president is fomenting deadly violence to please his base.”
Ilhan Omar
  • 15/ Anti-American traitor and ingrate Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D, MN-05)
    • “A domestic terrorist executed two people, and according to Tucker and his supporters this is ‘maintaining order.’ Their murderous rants have inspired many mass shooters and now they aren’t even trying to distance themselves from it, they are excusing it.”
  • 9/29/20: 16/ Congrats, moron. You made the thread. Brian Robinson, Ph. D
    • “Michelle Malkin calls Kyle Rittenhouse, a White Supremacist, ‘courageous’ for shooting and killing BLM protestors.”

I won’t be shy, I’ve suggested additional luminaries (defined as Twitter users with a “blue check mark” as a verified user on Twitter) who’ve said things to impugn Kyle Rittenhouse.

When Rittenhouse made bail due to the donations of Patriots from across the country, AOC’s tweet was one of many reactions. Another one from the Sunday following Rittenhouse’s release was the following:

The above tweet started a publicity stunt by members of the Hollywood Left including actors Morgan Freeman and LeVar Burton, since actor Rick Schroder contributed $150,000 to help Rittenhouse make his $2 million bail.

No word from Michelle Malkin or any of Rittenhouse’s attorney if Mr. Safa will be targeted for a possible defamation suit.

NBC News, through its MSNBC affiliate had its reporter Mehdir Hasan launch an attack on Rittenhouse multiple times over the period of a week.

The tweet thread from the weekend is below, including John M. Pierce’s response in closing:

McHenry County Blog will keep all informed as those developments are made public during the month of December.

Understandably, Kyle Rittenhouse’s next court appearance in Kenosha Thursday morning takes priority.

UPDATE: John M. Pierce wasn’t kidding, new letter demanding retraction sent on December 1st (link above)


UPDATED 12/1/20: Smear List Tracks Defamatory Statements Against Kyle Rittenhouse — 16 Comments

  1. Nice to see Underwood on here multiple times.

    She gets to pay personally right, I mean Congress doesnt cover these civil payouts do they?

    Maybe she has Personal Liability Insurances for slander, but no where near the amount Lin Wood will seek from her.

    A shame she just won her Congressional seat—she’s obviously prejudiced against young white males in her own District.

  2. Rittenhouse is a villain to globohomo.

    Think about what he did in the context of “marginalized communities.”

    He fought back using lethal force against Jews, sex offenders, and communists during a BLM event.

    He even killed a couple of them.

    It has nothing to do with his right to self-defense.

    They don’t care.

    It’s completely ad hoc.

    Rittenhouse is just on the other side of the political aisle, so they don’t think he has any rights.

    That’s the way your country is.

  3. What is the public purpose of this story beyond stirring the pot?

  4. He traveled across state line to another city and at 17 years of age shot and killed two people. All ya need to know

  5. No shortage of nut cases … paying homage to criminals .. unbelievable… no morals at all left in this world… none

  6. David Brooks, the public purpose is to keep all informed for upcoming defamation suits against a number of public officials, including Congresswoman Lauren Underwood.

    Kyle Rittenhouse, from neighboring Lake County, is frankly one of our own here in the Midwest, and the Left trying to use the flimsy, trumped up felony charges to eliminate the Self-Defense provision of the Second Amendment.

    God willing, Rittenhouse will be exonerated and the Self-Defense will remain the accurate application to neutralize violent people who attack law abiding citizens with violence.

  7. Too bad Kyle didn’t run into Mike “BLM” Borwn, aka the Funky Monkey.

  8. This was self defense plain and simple!

    And the campaigns that used “white supremacist’ to describe Kyle will be paying thru the nose as that was clearly defamation! (and of a minor too!)

    Sue ‘Em Blue ,Kyle!!!


  9. One day Kyle might kill you how would you feel then you might like Kyle killing you.

  10. Joe Byden – an up and coming challenger Vs Little Eddie for the
    title of Gibberish Czar.

    Good Luck Joe, you’re gonna need it ! 😂

  11. “Mike Brown” believes that if Kyle’s attackers had wounded or killed him, they would be innocent because they somehow would be justified ( “BLM!” ) even though they clearly were not acting in self defense by chasing him down and assaulting him.

    Kyle is only “guilty” to people like fake Mike because they don’t want you to retaliate.

    Take the abuse.

    Let them destroy your neighborhoods.

    Let them demolish your nation.

    Let them use fake race and gender issues as a crutch to usher in their ideal society.

    But NEVER fight back, you “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Fascist Racist Bigot Homophobes”!

  12. The mostly left wing media who are shills for the Democrat Party and left wing radicals have done a good job in convincing some people by using lies and misrepresentation about the guy from Antioch. Evidence right here on this blog with moron commenters.

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