MCC Board Approves $25,000 Retention Bonus to Keep President through 2024

From McHenry County College:

McHenry County College President Receives Additional Contract Extension   

The McHenry County College Board of Trustees has approved a fourth contract extension for MCC President Clinton Gabbard, Ph.D., extending an additional year through Dec. 31, 2024. Gabbard became the College’s eighth president on January 11, 2016.

Mike Smith

Board Chair Mike Smith voiced the Board’s strong support of Dr. Gabbard’s leadership, stating, “We have a genuine interest in extending Dr. Gabbard’s contract. He has continued to exceed the high expectations we, as a Board, had for him upon his arrival in early 2016, and we are confident that his leadership will remain vital to McHenry County College’s extraordinary success moving forward.”

Gabbard’s strong commitment to furthering the College’s mission of learning and student success has helped move the College forward in a variety of strategic areas, including:

  • student enrollment growth
  • a growing apprenticeship and internship program with area employers
  • extensive renovations across campus
  • the launch of a new Center for Agrarian Learning; and most recently,
  • the College’s proactive COVID-19 response, and
  • an institution-wide initiative on diversity and inclusion. 

“Dr. Gabbard’s extraordinary efforts to strengthen collaborations throughout the community and across all of its stakeholders demonstrate the ongoing commitment that the institution has to contribute to the overall health and success of McHenry County,” Smith added.

“Everyone at MCC, beginning with our Board, and continuing through every classroom and office, takes seriously our commitment to being champions for education that leads to learning, careers, and economic development for our community,” shared Gabbard. 

Clinton Gabbard

Before joining MCC in 2016, Gabbard served in administration and leadership roles at Lake Michigan College, Walla Walla Community College, Purdue University, and University of Notre Dame. Gabbard earned his bachelor’s degree from Evangel College and both his master’s and doctorate degrees in counseling psychology from the University of Notre Dame. He and his wife, Ronda, live in Bull Valley, IL.

“It is a privilege to be able to provide leadership and work with so many talented people. I have seen this talent first-hand, simply by how our people have given their passion and focus during such a challenging time in our world’s history,” Gabbard added. “I am honored to serve in McHenry County, and I look forward to many exciting things ahead for the College.”

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Note the bonus is not in press release, nor is Gabbard’s salary, which I have requested.


MCC Board Approves $25,000 Retention Bonus to Keep President through 2024 — 9 Comments

  1. A community college has two primary goals:

    * It should provide a cheap way for students who want to get a four college degree to get their freshman and sophomore credits and to prepare them to succeed in their final two years.

    * It should help students who aren’t going on to a four year college to get better paying jobs than they could without a community college education.

    IF Gabbard is responsible for improvements related to these goals, THEN he’s doing his job.

    If he’s done a SUPERIOR job relative to these goals, then a bonus might be reasonable.

    So, is this the case?

    Are more students going on to four year colleges?

    Are they getting degrees?

    Do students who attend MCC get better paying jobs as a result of their coursework?

    We don’t know, because MCC continues purposely to fail to obtain such statistics.

    So, on what basis did the Board decide to give him a bonus?

  2. These boards are all the same.

    Like if they lose their Supt “What are we gonna do”?

    Well, next person up.

    There’s plenty of them out there looking for work.

    Supt’s are grossly overpaid and under-worked.

  3. They just don’t get it, do they?

    We are not okay with a bonus to keep anyone on a payroll, a contract is a contract and when it expires, you open it up for an RFP to find someone who will do the same easy job for a lower price.

    Biden is going to make it free soon so he may not want to be there getting O’Biden pay.

    It must be nice to keep doling out OPM?

    Fire all of that bloated board.

  4. $320K compensation pkg, along with a $25K bonus and contract that extends another 4 yrs and 3% yearly raises!

    These board members are part of the problem and don’t know the first clue about negotiating or they think they’re going to get favors for doing the President favors!

    Evertsen is the only one left on that board who understands her role is for the taxpayers.

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