Ballot Order in Crystal Lake Races

Here’s what the ballot will look like in the City of Crystal Lake:

For Mayor:

1) Haig Haleblian (drawn by lottery)

2) Donald Kountz (drawn by lottery)

3) James A. Sisto (filed third)

For Councilmember:

1) Mandy Montford (drawn by lottery)

2) Cameron D. Hubbard (drawn by lottery)

3) Ian Philpot (drawn by lottery)

4) Robert Brechbiel (filed fourth)

= = = = =

Anyone wanting to share a candidacy announcement statement or subsequent press releases will see them printed here, That goes for McHenry County candidates.


Ballot Order in Crystal Lake Races — 5 Comments

  1. Did the autopsy results ever get released for Mayor Shep or the other local President Cal?

    That’s not like you to not know.

  2. The Coroner’s Office says

    cardiac arrhythmia
    ischemic heart disease

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