Message of the Day – A Button

This was my favorite button from when President Gerald Ford ran for election against Jimmy Carter:

When House Speaker Lee Daniels allowed Republican members to meet Presidential candidate Ford in his office, I mentioned his button.

There was, not surprisingly, not an indication that he knew about the button.


Message of the Day – A Button — 13 Comments

  1. That was a FOR DOLE button, when Bob Dole ran for Vice-President in 1976

  2. What a disappointment waking up on the first Wednesday in Nov 1976 to find that Jimmy Carter beat Gerald Ford. Back then, the media was not in almost total control by left wingers and Democrats.

    No doubt Ford’s pardon of Nixon had a big part in his defeat. For perspective, Nixon’s dirty tricks were child’s play in comparison to the coup attempted by elements of the Obama regime, deep state rogues and players such as Comey and Strzok from the federal bureau in 2016-2017.

  3. There’s the abandonment of South Vietnam in 1975 too, which was very unpopular then.

  4. Viet Nam was Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s war. After being “elected” to be president, he in the next two years ramped up US troops in that area to one half million. All the US lives lost there, over 60,000 were the responsibility of Johnson. A terrible president in many regards. Just as most Democrat presidents after Roosevelt, Truman and JFK. Not a single good Democrat president in over 50+ years. And now, we are facing another Democrat who is a doofus, racist, alleged rapist and possibly with dementia.

  5. Technically, Eisenhower and Kennedy were involved in Vietnam, but the brunt of it was Johnson who lost the 1968 election via his proxy, Humphrey. 😐

    In 1964, nobody could best Johnson. 😐

  6. Cal, I guess, Wikipedia is wrong then, because it shows:

    William Redmond 1975-1981

    Lee Daniels 1993-1995

    as speakers of the house. 😐

  7. Maybe Lee was jusr GOP Leader.

    Dole was in the office behind the House chamber. That was where the Speaker usually was. Maybe Madigan decided to keep the office off the rotunda after he beat Lee.

  8. Cal, Lee Daniels was definitely during your second tenure of service. 🙂

    Your Ford Dole overlap button is unique, especially the accent over the “e”. 🙂

  9. Eddie? If you don’t know by now that Wikipedia is a joke and not to be trusted for ANY information they make up then I don’t know what to tell you!

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