UPDATE – Health Care for More Not Here Legally

After this article was written, Governot JB Pritzker issued a press release with this informaton:

“14 new Welcoming Centers across the state have received funding to provide immigrant and refugee support services bringing the total number of Welcoming Centers operating in Illinois to 30.

The Illinois Welcoming Center (IWC) is a comprehensive service center for the integration of immigrants and refugees in Illinois.

The Illinois Welcoming Center’s innovative model eliminates systematic barriers that immigrants may have in approaching state services and empower immigrant communities to succeed.

For more information about immigrant and refugee support services, visit www.coronavirus.illinois.gov or call 312-793-7120.”

Governor Jim Edgar started a program called “KidsKare” to make sure low-income kids could get health care through Public Aid.

When Ron Blagojevich became Governor, he reformatted the program, naming it “AllKids,” to include children in the country illegally.


Now, it appears the General Assembly has added low income seniors who are not in Illinois legally.

Sponsored by Mike Madigan’s floor leader Greg Harris comes this program:


UPDATE – Health Care for More Not Here Legally — 13 Comments

  1. Ahh our hard earned tax dollars at work.

    That’s right, let’s just give away all our money to give free health care to the world.

  2. Try and get freebee crap like this anywhere south of the US border.

    Soon it will just be illegals living in Illinois, then who pays?

  3. Even with health insurance, it still cost me $10,200.00 per year between deductibles and co-insurance.

    Maybe I should apply using a false name?

  4. Pathetic. First Bruce Rauner makes Illinois a Sanctuary State, then Santa Pritzker starts gifting away.

    And of course none of them will EVER send in mail-in ballots, now will they..?

  5. Robert, don’t be silly they won’t need to mail in ballots.

    By the time the next election comes around we will just make it legal for the parties to just go to your house with a ballot.

    What could be easier than that?

  6. You people kvetch and moan.

    But do nothing to stop the invasion or your dispossession by sickoid elites like Fatty Pritzk.

    Your children will suffer. And you do zip.

  7. Will white women soon be scheduled for monthlong mandatory sexual reparation festivities down the line?

    Don’t laugh, it’s coming.

  8. We can’t even help our own people out.

    America first, then we help the less fortunate.

    Let tubby put them up in one of his unused hotels and feed them to boot, trust fund lard A$$.

  9. Just MO criminal behavior your gonna see lots of this… for the next 4 years at least…

  10. We can have compassion for LEGAL immigrants who have come upon hard times, those who came into the US by following our laws and rules. We should not give any consideration for those who came into our Nation illegally. When they are found or discovered, they should be transported by airliner (CONAIR?) back to the Capital city of their country of origin giving that country advance notice that they are being returned.

    Democrats and their shills in the mostly left wing media have worked hard in recent years to characterize illegal aliens as “UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS” or worse, just IMMIGRANTS. Useful idiot and low information citizens have bought this hook, line and sinker. The UNDOCUMENTED are illegal and they highly disrespected the US and our laws by sneaking in.

    Democrats and the media are not to be trusted. They will destroy our Nation. The doofus buffoon Joe Robinette Biden and his top Democrats are on record of wanting to grant citizenship to the millions of illegal aliens here now.

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