Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecution Moves Forward after Preliminary Hearing

Kyle Rittenhouse

Defense motions to dismiss charges denied and probable cause established to take case to trial

Kenosha – Thursday morning’s preliminary hearing for Kyle Rittenhouse went as expected, with 2 defense motions being overruled to dismiss two charges, and probable cause being established at the remote hearing held via ZOOM.

Kyle Rittenhouse and attorney Mark Richards

While not knowing the idiosyncrasies of Wisconsin law, today’s preliminary hearing appeared to be similar to how a Grand Jury would establish probable cause a defendant committed an alleged crime. The legal bar is set very low before a Grand Jury, and it was low today, too.

Knowing this likely outcome, today’s result was expected, including the denial for dismissal of two charges against Rittenhouse.

Prosecutors used the testimony of Detective Antaramian of the Kenosha Police Department to establish probable cause for the charges Rittenhouse faced.

Under cross examination, defense attorney Mark Richards shared 12 stills of video shot, which the detective said he reviewed and the detective confirmed the sequence of events for each shooting.

Clearly, this was the beginning of laying out the self-defense claim Rittenhouse’s legal team will use at trial.

An individual’ name brought to prominence today was Joshua J. Ziminski, whom police detectives, including Antaramian, identified as the first shooter and arrested and charged. Ziminski’s first court appearance is tomorrow in Kenosha County court.

Ziminski was charged on October 9 for two misdemeanors:

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Use of a dangerous weapon

It was Ziminski’s shot in the air that Rittenhouse heard while being pursued by Joseph Rosenbaum in the foot chase the night of August 25. Rittenhouse thought he was fired upon given the Ziminski shot, and turned around and slowed, allowing Rosenbaum to lunge at him to attack him, while hooded and masked, and Rittenhouse fired on Rosenbaum.

Multiple times, Richards brought up Ziminski’s presence and the first shot, and more of his involvement will likely be shared at trial.

The next court date for Rittenhouse to be formally arraigned and to give his pleas to the six charges is January 5 at 1PM CST.


Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecution Moves Forward after Preliminary Hearing — 6 Comments

  1. Typical Grand Jury like stuff—they or whomever would have indicted a ham sandwich today if that was presented.

    We care what a judge or jury say when the real evidence gets presented.

    Stay Free Kyle.

  2. The way I see it is that they don’t have much of a choice, because they are terrified that the animals will have an excuse to destroy and loot.

    I should not say animals, because my dog is more civilized than these pieces of sh*t.

  3. Rittenshouse is innocent and will be found not guilty!

    Thank you, Mark Richards, for defending Rittenhouse who is clearly innocent!

  4. As I understand it, under Wisconsin law “a preliminary hearing is not a proper forum to choose between conflicting facts or inferences, or to weigh the state’s evidence against evidence favorable to the defendant [e.g., self-defense].” In essence, “probable cause at a preliminary hearing is satisfied when there exists a believable or plausible account of the defendant’s commission of a felony.” If that threshold burden has been satisfied, probable cause has been established. Whether a defendant has a plausible defense of self-defense is for a finder of fact at trial and, therefore, cannot negate such believable or plausible account at a preliminary hearing. (See State vs. Dunn, 121 Wis.2d 389, 398 (1984)).

  5. We live in upside world.

    Whites always quilts.

    Blacks always angels.

    Due to pretrial publicity, the case should be moved to N. WI. or LaCrosse area.

    Bingo, a directed verdict.

    Not guilty by a mile.

  6. That kid is going to be thrown to the wolves to appease the Marxist media and rabble.

    The kid will be sexually abused by black gangs on a daily basis.

    He should defect to Russia or Hungary.

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