Another Lakewood Police Officer Resigns

A December 4, 2020, email from Officer Edgard Pluviose:

Good Morning Everyone,

Ed Pluviose at Coffee with a Cop at Crystal Lake Starbucks.

It is with a heavy heart that I’m announcing my resignation effective immediately.

Lately, I’ve come to realize I’m not welcomed in this organization. 

Although this decision was difficult for me to make, I felt compelled to move on from Lakewood Police based on the recent promotional process.

During the Village Board meeting on November 10, 2020, Phil Stephan stated nobody in the Lakewood Police Department expressed an interest in filling the vacant supervisory position. 

This is in fact a lie.

I did send an email to Jeannine Smith on November 3rd at 11:38 am expressing my interest for consideration in the vacant sergeant position.

I have retained a copy of this email along with the reply I received from Jeannine Smith acknowledging my interest.

Phil Stephan also stated everyone at Lakewood Police was pleased with the selection of Ed Cole as the new Sergeant.

This again is a lie.

Sergeant Cole was recently heard making a racist comment on the scene of a call and again in front of a prisoner inside the police station.

I do not feel comfortable working with him or having him as my supervisor.

Because the Village of Lakewood is unable to create a fair and equal working environment, I have made the decision to leave.

Although the Village should be concerned about me leaving and the fact manpower will be stretched thin, Mr. Ulrich [a Village Trustee] put it best… “employees are replaceable”.

The management in this Village is very anti-police and as a result, the working environment is hostile. 

I am proud to have the police department acknowledged by the United States Marine Corps with receiving the Commanders Award on behalf of our efforts in the Toys For Tots campaign.

I am also proud to have brought some of the Crystal Lake businesses in to help support the Village of Lakewood Easter Egg Hunt.

To the rest of the of the officers at Lakewood PD, stay safe.

Edgard Pluviose


Another Lakewood Police Officer Resigns — 25 Comments

  1. Yet ANOTHER example of the horrible leadership skills exhibited by CAO Jeannine Smith, President Phil Stephan along with Trustees Berman and Ulrich.

    April can’t come soon enough!!

  2. Why does the President and CAO think they continue to lie and make outright false statements?

    What is their endgame here?

    It’s very frustrating to see such a small community being run by Chicago-like liars that try to suppress the truth.

    If there are 2 or 3 different options in front of Phil and Jeannine, it seems they ALWAYS choose the most dishonest path possible.

  3. Sounds more like sour grapes.

    Somebody didn’t get the promotion he felt he was entitled to.

    Lawsuit to follow shortly.

  4. Does the CAO have the written authority to promote an officer to Sergeant?

  5. Here comes HonestAbe1 with the “Berman” spin.

    No, Smith is not granted authority by Village ordinance to make police promotions.

    The authority is granted to the police chief but the Board doesn’t care and the States Attorney (thus far) is no where to be found.

  6. Lakewood is falling apart. What a disgrace.

    Our nation’s “authorities” – at ALL levels: municipal, county, state, federal – are absolute failures.

    Lakewood’s leadership is as laughable as Governors Whitmer, Cuomo, and Gavin Newsome.

  7. Bye Nancy…’re career is now officially over, your bridge has been burned.

  8. Santa, all I ever wanted for Christmas is to be a Sgt. in Lakewood, IL. LMFAO

    The way he wrote that letter sounds like the alleged racist comment might have been hearsay?

    If so, he might have some slpainin’ to do in a lawsuit of his own.

  9. Such a weird village.

    What’s this alleged racist comment?

    So many Eds here.

  10. So another Lakewood employee quits. Uh huh, yeah, sure, nothing to see here.

  11. Has “Sgt” Cole passed the sergeant test?

    Does he have any experience in Command?

    How does one get promoted when there is no chief or acting chief because they’re both gone?

    How does a CAO who has no LE background and presumably little to no knowledge on police operations make an effective promotion choice?

  12. Somehow the whiff of Crystal Lake annexing Lakewood drifts into conversations when discussing its politics.

    Waaaay before that’s considered CL should clean up the old Walmart property on Route 14.

    Back fill with homes the land northwest of Route 176 and Route 14 to where they intersect.

    Get the property owner to sell on Main St. between the railroad tracks and Crystal Lake Ave.

    CL is reviewing the proposed development of the old Hines Lumber property.

    Make the development more appealing by promoting the removal of that business.

    And finally, what’s up with the Mercy Hospital site?

  13. Cry me a river and there goes the race card I didn’t get what I wanted wahwahwah… when does it stop with u snowflakes.. move on stop the whining, u got your cheating prez in office shtfu

  14. Wow all these comments from shit stirrers..

    the people that been removed or resigned are truly great employees that aren’t easily replaceable .

    They are people with integrity, morals, and do the next right thing no matter what.

    They truly care about the residents they serve and go up and beyond when doing their job.

    They are Not Yes men or women.

    Or there for the money .

    ( this job is a very stressful, things you would never want to see or have to knock on someone’s door to give them news that their child, husband , or wife has died. This job isn’t for everyone.

    These are special people .

    I hope this village opens their eyes and really see what the President,CAO and board has done to this once great Village.

    You need to really vote for change before there is no more village, or law suits.

    You can’t run a police department 24/7 on 7 employees.

    Also word is out and no respectable law enforcement officers would ever apply .

    Because they have integrity and they saw what happened to the others.

  15. Why are people attacking the officer?

    How about the one basic question of why they said no existing officer was interested in being promoted yet this officer did express interest with proof?

    This is the fact that should be answered for.

    I’m also amused why people wonder how annexation to Crystal Lake would help?

    It would help because this terrible board and village management would be no longer and maybe permanent solutions to long term problems could be solved and this drama and possible law suit nightmare would go away.

    How would it hurt?

    Specific facts?

  16. Taxes would increase because of mandatory payment of library taxes.

    Street lights and sidewalks might be mandated.

  17. What a bunch of racist! Shame on you!

    Using slang makes you look like a bunch of idiots.

    I feel bad for your kids on what you are teaching them.

    I would be embarrassed if I was related to you.

    You’re very rude. Enjoy your Starbucks.

  18. I am astonished by many of the comments made here…by White Knight, Deputy Doom, Honest Abe, Stormy D, Toilet Bowl and Jo Blow!

    On top of being disgusting and offensive, you are all a bunch of cowards to make your shitty remarks here under hidden identities.

    Would you say this on a Zoom call publicly when we will know your real names and see your faces.

    Would you be comfortable letting your neighbors and fellow residents SEE and HEAR you making these comments?

    How very disturbing that people like you live in this community…and God forbid, are raising children to think like you!

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