IL-14: Jim Oberweis Begins Discovery Recount in DuPage County

Jim Oberweis

From Jim Oberweis’ congressional campaign:

Jim Oberweis issues statement on discovery recount

Sugar Grove, IL – Jim Oberweis, candidate for Congress in the 14th District, is issuing the following statement on the discovery recount his campaign has formally launched.

“Today [Dec. 3] my campaign has formally initiated the process to begin a discovery recount. We are seeking a discovery recount in each of the seven counties within the 14th Congressional District.

“A discovery recount does not change a single vote, but it does allow us to see if the outcome might change with a full recount.

“Election law provides campaigns the ability to request a discovery recount in close elections. As we have said for the last few weeks, we would be seeking a discovery recount and the first of these recounts has been formally filed in DuPage County.

“We will be filing paperwork in the other counties in the coming days.”

Jim Oberweis campaign statement



IL-14: Jim Oberweis Begins Discovery Recount in DuPage County — 30 Comments

  1. Why didn’t this joker have the ballots impounded as soon as the election was over?

    Why wasn’t the election software examined by the County Clerks?

    Did Mr. O ever hear of ballot security or even try to organize poll watchers?

    He was Congressman for a day!

  2. As far as I know the ballots are secure from the moment they leave the polling place.

    They are sealed in front of multiple people and then one election judge from each party delivers them to the clerk.

    If they were messed with after that point it would be obvious because of the seals.

    It would literally take an insider at the clerks office with duplicate seals to tamper with the ballots.

    Possible, sure, likely, no.

  3. I thought they had to certify the results in Illinois TODAY.

    Before this year, I never knew that an election could be certified and there would be recounts going on AFTER.

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  4. Scratching my head about the timing of Oberweis’ campaign taking over a week (I know, Thanksgiving was in that time) to prepare its first discovery recount request in DuPage County.

    Correcting, you are right, today the Illinois SBE will officially declare Congresswoman Underwood the winner. That said, there is precedence for either a court, or the House, overturning the results of a certified election. The Democrat nominee in Iowa for IA-02, who lost by 6 votes, has appealed to the U.S. House under provisions of a 1969 law for disputed House elections.

    That may not go anywhere since the Democrat bypassed the Iowa courts, which was where she should have begun her formal appeal. The IA-02 election had at least two counts of the ballot.

    We’ll see what happens.

    Neal, not all the 14th district counties use paper, optical-scan ballots. For example, Kane County uses the e-Slate technology, which produces a paper-ballot backup that a voter doesn’t touch.

    I’m sure the Oberweis campaign will put a focus on counties using Dominion software, like McHenry County.

  5. Ok I went through some old articles which cleared a few things up. John Lopez explained it well in a previous article titled “IL-14: Why the rush for Jim Oberweis to concede?”

    But according to that article, “The discovery recount window is between the issuance of the official canvass and the December 4th certification date, which is 10 days from November 24th.”

    I see Oberweis wrote “in the coming days” and the press release was issued yesterday, the 3rd. I wonder if he meant to write “tomorrow” instead of “in the coming days.” Today is the 4th, which you said is the deadline. There are no more day*s*. If the 4th is the deadline, there is only today, not day*s*.

    I hope Oberweis knows this and doesn’t file bad paperwork like he did during the primary.

    Remember when he “checked the wrong box” and people thought he was running for U.S. Senate instead of the House?

  6. “Kane County uses the e-Slate technology, which produces a paper-ballot backup that a voter doesn’t touch.”

    Now that sounds like a system that could be tampered with.

    It sounds like the voter doesn’t get to see the paper trail.

    That is a critical flaw if you ask me.

    Even if you can have source code vetted, you are still asking the average person to trust something they don’t understand.

  7. Neal,

    I should have been more clear. The voter is allowed to view the paper-ballot back-up through a window before submitting their vote. They don’t get to touch it, let alone physically place it into a ballot box by their own hand.

    The voter does not physically touch the ballot, and if there is a problem, the voter is to notify the election judge immediately, who will remedy any issue/situation.

  8. McHenry County used to have Dominion software.

    It has had ES&S since 2018, according to County Clerk Joe Tirio.

  9. Glad to hear Dominion Voting Systems is COMPLETELY out of McHenry County clerk’s voting equipment, data and metadata.

    Put another way, no transmission of data to a foreign server for tabulation.

    I trust Joe Tirio to be thorough.

  10. McHenry County used to have a more primitive system which used e-cards that were scanned by a TSX machine, and that sounds a little bit like what you’re talking about in Kane County.

    Some of these machines were from right around 2000.

    They had a paper print-roll backup of people’s votes, which voters could inspect themselves through a lid.

    The paper ballot option, which was more widely used than the electronic option, involved “spindles” which were made out of metal that organized and kept count of votes.

    Provisional ballots went in a separate envelope.

    They changed everything around 2016.

    In my opinion, it is not as secure and there is more potential for errors.

    At some point we also got SCYTL/Clarity software and I have been hearing some troubling things about that system.

    In my opinion, we need to go back to a more primitive system, one that is transparent and accountable but more robust to handle electronic and cyber warfare.

    It should be a priority for the county board to make sure we have an election process we can trust.

    Maybe some of the county board members should sit in on election judge training and see if they can’t spot any vulnerabilities.

    Ask questions.

    Be curious.

    Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s good.

    Please consider writing an article about Scytl and Clarity systems!

  11. I did serve as a technical judge in the election so I’m familiar with both the machines and what the training was.

    From what I saw everything seemed to be pretty secure provided that the physical security and chain of custody of the ballots are maintained.

    Every single ballot, voted, spoiled or unused is being accounted for with the procedures our clerks office is using.

    I could think of a couple of tweaks if Trio’s office is interested but I won’t post them here.

    Overall I highly doubt we had any of the funny business in mchenry county.

    If you ask me the biggest weakness is signature matching.

    I found that to be tricky because people’s handwriting does change slightly.

    We really won’t be able to know 100% that every vote is valid unless we start requiring ID, but good luck with that in Illinois.

  12. Reba Hart could win by court.

    She’ll might lose really big to Meeks next time. 😁

    In 1990, Pro-Life State Representative Penny Pullen (R-Park Ridge, Des Plaines) won over Pro-Abortion Rosemary Mulligan, by one vote and a coin toss. 😐

    In 1992, Mulligan trounced Pullen. 😐

  13. Paper ballots ALL THE TIME!

    Joe Tirio Clerk was asleep at the switch.

  14. Hmm… so are you saying Joe Tirio has ES & S hardware and SCYTL software? Their election result page definitely says SCYTL.

    Here’s part of the Wiki entry for SCYTL:
    In 2014, Scytl reported having customers in more than 35 countries.[6] Their products have been used in the following jurisdictions, among others:

    In 2018, the authorities of New South Wales selected Scytl to provide the software for the state’s “iVote” online voting system until 2022 for $1.9 million.[22] The iVote system is an internet and telephone voting solution that allows persons with disabilities and voters with accessibility problems to vote remotely.[23] During the 2015 election, researchers uncovered vulnerabilities in the iVote system which could be used to manipulate votes, violate ballot privacy and subvert the verification mechanism.[24] However, in a public statement, the NSW Electoral Commission clarified that the vulnerability was not related to the online voting system but to the publicly accessible SSL certificate on the Piwik website, the web analytics tool used by the Commission.[25][26]

    Scytl ran voting machines in several parts of Ecuador in 2014. They were supposed to produce results within 72 hours, but ran into a variety of problems and took over a month.[27][11]

    European Union
    In 2014, a consortium created by Scytl and TNS opinion provided real-time electoral projections and results consolidation and dissemination across the 28 EU Member States for the European Parliament Elections held on May 22-25, 2014. The consortium collected and processed election results from all Member States providing a multi-lingual website in 24 official languages for the publication and dissemination of the European parliament election results.[28]

    Scytl and idox provide the Maltese “eCount” electronic vote counting system that is to be used beginning in 2019.[29]

    Scytl deployed electronic voting in Norway in 2011 in partnership with the government. A flaw in their cryptography was discovered in 2013, and 0.75% of all voters managed to vote twice in 2013, once online and once in a polling station.[30]

    In 2014 Norway abandoned Scytl’s Internet Voting project, due to security failures, lack of increase in turnout, and high costs.[31][30]

    By autumn 2012, Scytl had partnered with Yopolis, a company started by Maxim Nogotkov as the first online participation platform in the Russian Federation. Scytl was to provide security verifying integrity of Yopolis municipal voting. Pere Valles attended the launch event in Moscow while serving as CEO of the company,[32] prior to being chairman of the board of directors in April 2018.[33]

    Scytl partnered with Tecnocom to provide results consolidation and publication technology in the 2015 Spanish General elections.[34] In May 2019, Scytl will partner with Vector ITC to consolidate and publish the preliminary results of the municipal and European elections in Spain.[35][36]

    In a joint venture with Swiss Post, Scytl provides its sVote e-voting system to several cantons that allow Swiss citizens who live abroad to take part in cantonal and federal elections and referenda electronically.[37] After the Canton of Geneva decided in 2018 to abandon the continued development of its own e-voting system, Swiss Post and Scytl remained the only e-voting providers then certified to provide e-voting services in Switzerland by the Swiss Federal Chancellery.[38]

    Scytl said its sVote system used in Switzerland is “universally verifiable”, but its system has been criticized as overly complex, difficult to audit and not sufficiently transparent.[11] After Swiss authorities launched a public code review, a group of researchers of the University of Melbourne, Université catholique de Louvain, and the Open Privacy Research Society reported in March 2019 that they discovered a deficiency in the code that would allow the system’s operator to alter votes undetected.[39][40] Because of the deficiencies, Swiss authorities disallowed the use of Scytl’s e-voting system in the Swiss referenda of 19 May 2019,[41] and it has not been used since. Swiss Post purchased the rights to the software from Scytl in 2020 as the company faced bankruptcy.[42]

    United States
    In the 2016 United States elections, Scytl’s technologies were used statewide in 12 U.S. states, and in another 980 local jurisdictions in 28 states.[3]

    After President Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 United States presidential election, his attorney Sidney Powell repeated an allegation made by One America News Network, Congressman Louis Gohmert and others that accurate voting results had been transmitted to a Scytl office in Germany, where they were supposedly tabulated to reveal a landslide victory for Trump, and that a company server had been seized in a raid by the United States Army.[43] Scytl denied the allegations and the Army stated the raid allegation was false.[44] Scytl has not had any offices operating in Germany since September 2019.[45][46] The company also denied allegations that it had ties to Russia or George Soros.[47]


    And SCYTL was funded by Bill Gates’ partner from Microsoft. That’s in the Wiki too.


    These are the machines used to scan your ballots at the polling place.

    The software that was running on the machine seemed to be ES&S.

    It seemed to be pretty secure to me.

    For example if you wanted to stick a USB drive in, you would need a key to access it and it would be obvious because the seal would be broken too.

    I would guess they use this for mail in but I don’t know for sure.

  16. Cheat by Mail!

    The latest thing!

    Who harvested the Lamb’s Farm residents’ ballots?

    How can these people vote?

    They can’t sit on juries, or can they?

  17. I never said they were not vulnerable, they absolutely are.

    There is no way to stick a usb in undetected though so it would have to be something else.

    Inside job, sure possible, somehow through a network, maybe, the thing transmitted results to somewhere so it must have a cellular modem.

    I’m guessing connected via VPN to the clerks office so that’s a possible attack point if the network at the office is online.

    The poll books are also connected the clerks office.

    What I said is that you would have to show how the actual paper ballots were tampered with.

    Say someone set the machine to change every third Trump vote to Biden.

    How is that possible if a hand count matches the machine count?

    That’s why in the end, it comes down to good old physical security.

    The only way you can have a secure result is if proper chain of custody is maintained.

    That’s actually why the video in GA is so bad.

    It’s evidence that the election workers violated the chain of custody for those ballots by pulling them out and counting unobserved.

    Doesn’t matter where they came from, they tainted the count the moment they did that.

  18. Neal, what I am referring to is when you go on the election results page it says SCYTL.

    The software on the machines you used on election day may have been ES & S but the website that reports the results says SCYTL.

    I’m curious about that.

    Is anybody else?

    Does SCYTL just manage the reporting, like ES & S feeds them the data and SCYTL displays it?

    Does anybody else care about this stuff?

    (If you ctr f search, SCYTL comes up at the bottom of the page.)

    Thank you for being a judge by the way.

    I mean that sincerely.

    It is not a physically demanding job, but it is not an easy job.

    It is a very long day and can be high stress if there are issues and rowdy people.

    Did the county clerk’s office ever explain why some people who voted on the first day were on a list of people who already voted?

    The most I ever heard was something something there was a test and we forgot to wipe out remnants or something like that and I wasn’t very happy with the explanation.

    It leaves more questions than answers.

    Feel free to jump in, Joe Tirio, since I know you or Karen are lurking.

    There were some massively huge problems back in 2018 and nobody really ever followed up on any of that.

    It was this huge problem until it wasn’t.

    Jack Franks reassured us that everything was okay, and that was the last we heard of that.

    I’m not saying there was election fraud in McHenry County this year, I just wish journalists, politicians, and ordinary residents would take a more watchdog role and we got more solid explanations on the technical stuff.

  19. Anyone that thinks there was nothing sketchy in this county? Dream on!

  20. Oh I definitely think there is something funny with the presidential election.

    I just don’t think McHenry county has anything to do with it.

    It just doesn’t seem worth the effort to cheat in IL.

    Biden was going to win no matter what and I don’t think the democrats care THAT much about Underwood.

    They probably thought she would easily win anyway.

  21. Sidney Powell said it “crosses party lines” and she would be right.

    This is why Team Trump had to go on record and claim that she was not working for them.

    There is election theft going on from every side.

    It only matters which party is in power in a particular area.

    Those people who parrot “Muh Democracy!” don’t really care.

    They just want to believe that they have won, even though they are merely being controlled.

  22. AND in GA, the evil ones took out Governor Kemp’s daughter’s boyfriend to seal the stealing.

    This is very deep and very dark.

    Nothing will stop their doubling down on crime.

    It’s end game for them.

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