Opportunity to Sign Petition to Consolidate Algonquin Township into McHenry County This Afternoon at 1:30 at CL Panera’s

Today is the deadline for filing the petition for a referendum to abolish Algonquin Township as a separate unit of government.

Functions now being performed by Algonquin Township would be shifted to McHenry County, if the April referendum passes.

Algonquin Township map.

And the state law passed by Rep. David McSweeney mandates a 10% cut in portion of the tax currently levied by the township.

One’s last chance to sign a petition will be at the Panera’s in Crystal Lake, located on Route 14 in front of Best Buy, at 1:30 this afternoon. One must be a resident of Algonquin Township to be eligible to sign the petition. That basically means living south of Crystal Lake Avenue.

Township government has three mandatory functions:

  • assessing property
  • maintaining township roads
  • providing general assistance

All of those functions would be taken over by county government.

In addition, there are services Algonquin Township provides which are not mandated by state law, for example, recycling, brush drop-off and bus service for seniors.

Since half the members of the County Board represent part of Algonquin Township, it is unlikely any popular services could be eliminated.

An additional incentive for the services to be continued is that all the future tax dollars collected by County government has to spent for the benefit of Algonquin Township residents.

That applies to assets like the township complex on Route 14 as well, thanks to a suggestion from State Senator Craig Wilcox that McSweeney added to his legislation.

The County Highway Department would be in charge of both township and county road maintenance in Algonquin Township, although intergovernmental agreements with municipalities might result in unincorporated subdivisions being plowed by a nearby city or village, instead of County trucks.

An added bonus is that there will be eight fewer elected officials to keep track of in our part of this state that has more tax districts than any other state in the country.


Opportunity to Sign Petition to Consolidate Algonquin Township into McHenry County This Afternoon at 1:30 at CL Panera’s — 14 Comments

  1. Cal, according to all the sources I’ve read, the deadline to file a referendum is JANUARY 4th, not December 4th.

    That’s assuming you want the question on the ballot for the April election.

    If you want it on the ballot for the February election, you already missed the deadline which was in November.


    Are all the county clerks wrong, am I misinterpreting something, or are your people wrong?

    Does anybody have the formula for how many signatures you need to get this on the ballot in any township? I don’t remember off the top of my head.

  2. It seems that McSweeney’s law specifically said 120 days before the election.

  3. This con game yields a “savings” of 16 dollars on an $8,000 tax bill.

    Then, in ensuing years, the County will announce that their union labor costs require an additional increase in the tax levy.

    Then another. Then another….

  4. It can’t go up more than the cost of living–the same rules that now govern the county levy.

  5. CPI multiplied to increase the County’s property tax levy equals a LOT more tax dollars than the same equation against the Township’s.

    AND WHY isn’t ALL of the Township’s tax revenue being returned directly to the taxpayers?

    If voters dissolve a library district, they expect a real reduction in their property taxes; they DON’T expect their vote to result in the County running a library that taxpayers must now keep paying for…

  6. Funny you should suggest that, Cal, because McSweeney’s bill you are referencing is the bill that singled out McHenry County while excluding about 100 other counties in the state, the bill that Governor Rauner opposed (recall that Rauner promised to veto it, so McSweeney held on to the bill and got it signed by Pritzker later on), the bill that Jack Franks supposedly advised McSweeney on, and the bill that ***McSweeney refused to answer questions from his constituents about. -_-

    That’s the bill we are talking about.

    No wonder I got confused, since what we are dealing with here is McSweeney’s ABOMINATION OF LEGISLATION!

  7. It’s the day after your claimed deadline, was there enough signatures to get the issue on the spring ballot?

  8. Cal, definitely people want to know was your drive successful?

  9. Wrong Cal, they have until Monday since the filing date fell on a Saturday.

  10. Obviously “Robert Williams” (twin of suicider and communist Robin Williams, the actor) is a township leech.

    What township do you sponge off of Robert?

  11. Obviously, Deputy Doom is a bought-and-paid-for Jack Franks leech, fearful that his own County job and taxpayer-funded gravy train is over?

    After all, it was Jack Franks and Dave McSweeney who crafted the “Township Dissolution” sleight-of-hand swindle legislation…

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