Black Caucus Puts Madigan on Hot Seat

From the Daily Line:

The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus will host a “candidate’s forum” on Saturday for House members vying to be speaker in the upcoming 102nd General Assembly. In a letter sent to members from the House’s black caucus on Wednesday, “candidates for House Speaker” were encouraged to attend.


Black Caucus Puts Madigan on Hot Seat — 8 Comments

  1. …while virtually all Black Caucus members continue to support Madigan. 🤓

  2. Uh, you think this is the Black Caucus putting MJM on the hot seat?

    This is the Black Caucus having MJM’S back.

  3. These Step & Fetchits make me laugh!

    Watch them vote for the crook en masse.

  4. Who do you want to be the next Speaker and who do you predict will be the next Speaker, AlabamaShake?

  5. State Representative Mary Flowers (1985-present), as the next Speaker of the House! 😁

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