Mancow Promotes Possible Gubernatorial Candidacy on Newsmax

WLS-AM radio talk show host Mancow Muller was on Newsmax Saturday afternoon promoting his vision of America.

Mancow Muller on Newsmax.

Although a lot of what Mancow said pertained to national politics, the message at the bottom of the screen reads, “Possible Mancow run for Illinois Governor.”


Mancow Promotes Possible Gubernatorial Candidacy on Newsmax — 32 Comments

  1. I’ve actually met the man and I would vote for him.

    Most of what you hear on the radio is all a show.

    He would definitely be better than Pritzker or anyone else the establishment could come up with.

  2. I just heard that IL GOP Chairman Tim Schneider is stepping down.

  3. Common sense,straight talk about Lightfoot and Prizkers nonsense,the looting being tolerated, the police being berated, talk on illegals—his rants were a delight in the morning, coupled with noise making, and other typical morning zoo radio antics—but the guy gets it.

    Like Trump, an outsider coming in not wanting to be part of the Illinois Swamp, he’d probably win.

    And yes the Ill Swamp would go after him hard.

    His one downfall?

    —having Jack Franks on regularly, Mancow would claim he hated Franks’ politics but liked him as a friend.

    That never jived with me.

    After; Ryan, Blago, Quinn, Rauner, Pritzker—he’s worth a look.

  4. I heard the last time Frank’s was on Mancow’s show, he didn’t do very well!

  5. Mancow has no elective office experience, akin to Rauner and Pritzker. ☹️

  6. Mancow goes to Willow Creek, or at least he used to.

    I haven’t listened to him in a couple of years.

    As far as no experience that’s fine by me.

    I don’t think it’s fair to compare him to Rauner or JB.

    Very different people and I would expect Mancow to be more of a populist.

    If CA can have the terminator we could have Gov. Mancow lol

  7. This is the Mancow’s Morning Madhouse reboot.

    But instead of a radio show where he belittles retarded people, asks women to show him their tits, and presses buttons to make fart noises, the “madhouse” this time is actually just the state of Illinois…

  8. My vote for governor is Little Eddie . . . of gibberish party. 😀

  9. OK correcting, but by that logic we never would have elected Trump.

    Mancow would be exactly that, a Trump like character for Illinois.

    It would be a huge middle finger to the establishment so I like it.

  10. After a while, Governor Mancow (R) becomes ineffective and is defeated by a Democratic. 😮

  11. Mancow’s relevance in popular culture in this sate peaked in early 2000s.

    He would have been better trying this out back then.

  12. We need a woman there.

    Too bad Jeanne Ives did not make it.

    How about a radio personality and reporter, Amy Jacobson?

    She would shake things up.

  13. Corrine Woods and Judy Bars Topinka ran for governor, but “nobody” wanted them. ☹️

  14. lets see if he can take on the Kahn…

    there is where the $$ is…

  15. We don’t need any stinking identity politics, i.e. ‘We need a woman”.


    Most ridiculous statement ever!

    We need a strong, likable Candidate with populous appeal and exposure, and someone with a clear vision and plan to make that happen in a state run by Dems.

    Mancow could possibly win.

    His running mate would have to be a cheerleader for the people like Thomas DeVore (lawyer for Darrin Bailey)

  16. I think he can do it.

    He has a small army of union guys and tradesmen that love him. I have no doubt that he can cut into the dems base enough to win.

    Of course after JB, a Mr. Potatohead could probably win and certainly would do a better job.

  17. Democratics would pounce on Mancow’s resigning/firing record, making fun of retarded people, asking women to show their breasts and fart sounds.

  18. @bluelibertarian, it’s Mancow not Humphrey Bogart.

    This isn’t ancient history bro.

    Anybody at least 30 knows who he is and that’s being conservative (probably some people in their late 20’s listened to him too).

    In terms of politicians, the GOPers are all nobodies.

    I like some of them, but there’s no way they could win a general.

    Mancow has name recognition, he has money, he has media connections, and he would have more excitement probably than anybody else.

    If you want Pritzker out of office, I think Mancow is the best chance — at least out of the potential candidates I’ve seen so far.

    Who is a better candidate?

  19. **You mean just like they did with Trump when he ran?**

    IL isn’t WI and FL and OH and MI.

  20. Yes Neal.

    Both Trump and Biden have been accused of mistreating women.

    Both were selected by their parties’ loyalists. 😐

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