Message of the Day – A Soft Drink

My favorite soft drink of the 1970 is going, going, gone.

It was Tab.

I pretty much mainlined it while in the Illinois House of Representatives.

Twenty cents a can in the machine on the same floor as the House and Senate chambers.

Then the government found that (massive) amounts of saccharine caused cancer in mice.

That so shook my world that I pretty much remember where I was in Coventry Subdivision–near Don and Judy Blanchard’s home–when I heard the news on WBBM.

I’ve switched to Diet Coke, but still remember the good old days.

Tab cans.

Now, it is to be no more.


Message of the Day – A Soft Drink — 20 Comments

  1. What about Doctor Pepper? Do doctors recommend this soda over others? Remember when doctors recommended smoking Chesterfield?

  2. Same thing when some MD’s were paid off to make studies that concluded
    fats were bad in food, bad for human consumption, and sugars are just great for humans.

    Corn syrup anyone?

  3. In a way, nothing is good for us, unless we kill, clean and cook animals, along with growing our own vegetables and plant fruit trees. 🤓🦉🔔

  4. Too late for that Eddie. They’ve poisoned the land, the air, and the water.

  5. Fresca was always my poison.

    Another brand hay will be in obscurity soon if not already.

  6. The Amish are doing just that, eating what they grow/raise.

    Not the Carter’s little pills that contain Bisacodyl. 💩

  7. Joe Blow plz hav sum tab and feen itz da bomb me luvs it so much eye hope i luv it 2 dont make more cryy.

  8. Joe Blow, then stay away and go to your Unitarian confabs…… or is that NAMBLA confabs?

  9. DeputyDoom? Thank you, but it is NOT about me. It has ALWAYS been about trying to get people to understand how to discern truth and save THEIR OWN selves.

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