Attacking Lin Wood, Dan Crenshaw Shows True Colors

L. Lin Wood
Dan Crenshaw

Serving and sacrificing for our country gives no license for calumnies on a real Christian Patriot

As is written elsewhere, the state of Georgia is the last stand from a complete Democrat takeover of the Presidency, the House and the Senate.

Election Day in U.S. Senate races, 35 total including 2 special elections, yielded the Democrats a net gain of 1 seat, successfully flipping the U.S. Senate seats in Arizona and Colorado, while seeing Republicans flip the Alabama seat.

Since Arizona was one of the 2 special elections, U.S. Senator Mark Kelly was sworn-in this past week after Arizona certified its election results.

The Senate breakdown right now (through end of 116th Congress):

  • Republicans: 52
  • Democrats: 46
  • Independents: 2 (both caucus with Democrats)

Republicans successfully defended several key states, including Maine (Susan Collins), South Carolina (Lindsey Graham), North Carolina (Thom Tillis), Texas (John Cornyn), Iowa (Joni Ernst) and several other states.

Similar to the House, the Democrats did not flip the 5 to 8 seats many were predicting.

Then comes the state of Georgia, where both Senate seats were up this year, both a special election where nearly 2 dozen candidates on a blanket ballot, including appointed Senator Kelly Loeffler placed 2nd to Democrat Raphael Warnock, the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Warnock came nowhere near the 50%+1 majority to avoid a runoff, which was expected for January 5, 2021.

The regular Senate term has 1st term incumbent Senator David Perdue against former congressional candidate Jon Ossoff. The Libertarian candidate took enough votes to keep Senator Perdue from achieving the 50%+1 majority needed to win his 2nd term.

The January 5, 2021 runoff will decide effective control of the U.S. Senate in the 117th Congress, with Democrats needing the sweep to have a 50-50+1 majority, with Kamala Harris’ tiebreaker the deciding vote.

In this week’s McHenry County Blog article announcing the weekly Sunday “Stop the Steal” rally in Schaumburg, comments bring up the Georgia U.S. Senate runoffs including the tragic death Friday morning of an aide in Senator Loeffler’s campaign staff. This article will not cover the tragedy, or the conspiracy theories given the man killed was dating the daughter of Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

Today’s article focus is the disappointment I have in Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R, TX-02), who attacked Atlanta-based attorney Lin Wood, a firm supporter of President Trump fighting to expose election fraud last month and predicting the same Dominion Voting Systems will be used to insure the two Democrat candidates win the Georgia U.S. Senate runoffs.

Embedded in the tweet from Daily Beast Contributing Editor Justin Baragona is video at a Wednesday rally with Sidney “the Kraken” Powell and GA Democrat State Representative Vernon Jones looking on, calling for Republican incumbent Senators Perdue and Loeffler to support President Trump openly by calling for Governor Kemp to call for a special session of the Georgia Legislature to take action on the voter fraud apparent last month.

Crenshaw responded with this tweet, transcribed for ease of reading:

“Lin Wood is a Democrat that wants Republicans to self-destruct.

“Just because he wears a MAGA hat does not mean he shares a single value with you.

“He just wants your donations for his legal fees.

“He’s a grifter.


Dan Crenshaw tweet 12/3/20


Michelle Malkin

Conservative Leader Michelle Malkin, like many witnessing Crenshaw’s clear disrespect of the 68 years old Wood who defended Richard Jewell, Nicholas Sandmann and instrumental to raising Kyle Rittenhouse’s $2 million bail last month through #FightBack Foundation, retweeted to Crenshaw’s tweet with her comment:

“Dan Crenshaw is a globalist John McCain in an eyepatch who loves to party hardy while our country burns.


Michelle Malkin tweet 12/3/20


Crenshaw, seeing Malkin has over 2 million Twitter followers compared to his 1.1 million, replied to Malkin with even more disrespect:

“Hey genius, your comments are packed with Democrats cheering you on. You are an absolute joke.

“And ‘party hardy’? What does that even mean?”

Dan Crenshaw tweet 12/4/20


Crenshaw acting with the maturity of a Millennial who doesn’t practice one of the social mores of “respecting your elders”. One can disagree with someone respectfully. Crenshaw did not.

And the 50 years old Malkin using a GenX term “party hardy” doesn’t take away from what she said. Crenshaw’s disrespectful use of “genius” in the context of his tweet reply borders narcissistic behavior.

New York based musician/songwriter Toots Sweet, who co-hosts Patriots in Tune social media podcasts during the week, tweeted which prompted me to respond which sums up what Crenshaw did to Wood and Malkin:

I am very saddened with what Crenshaw has done with his insulting tweets against two genuine Christian Patriots like Lin Wood and Michelle Malkin.

Wood tweeted out two responses Thursday night, which are transcribed and consolidated below:

Lin Wood

“Dan Crenshaw,

“I am not a Democrat.

“I am independent.

“I have not taken dime in fees from #FightBack Foundation.

“I donated $650+ to Republicans in 2020.

“I voted for Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 43 & 41 (mistakes) & Donald Trump (twice).

“Grifter? I am a Patriot. You are a liar.

“I respect your service & sacrifice for country, Dan.

“But I have lost respect for you given your false attacks on me for speaking truth & more importantly, your failure to support Donald Trump & attack election fraud, Dan.”

Lin Wood tweets 12/3/20


In addition to Crenshaw, Wood was attacked by Newt Gingrich, Senator Ted Cruz and Breitbart News for the statements he said this week at the rally challenging Senators Perdue and Loeffler to earn Georgians’ votes.

I have to say, Lin Wood speaks for me with what is happening in his home state of Georgia, and I pray through Wood’s leadership, ALL of the points being brought up will be addressed between now and January 5 in an honorable and cooperative way, and achieve the victories on January 5 to save our country from the Leftist takeover.


Attacking Lin Wood, Dan Crenshaw Shows True Colors — 23 Comments

  1. This is all hilarious.

    And I like how Malkin’s total disrespect of Crenshaw is perfectly fine, but Crenshaw’s response is offensive?


    But, carry on.

    Tell your GA friends what Wood says, and Lopez agrees with.

    They shouldn’t vote in January for the Republican candidates.

  2. Well Lin Wood did give money to both Obama and Kerry in the past.

    I believe Sidney Powell has given money to Kerry before too.

    Given both of their actions I think it’s fair to call into question their motives.

    All Powell has done so far is distract from legitimate questions such as the lack of observation while vote counting with claims she has not backed up.

    Now what she is calling for would allow the democrats to pack the court and do whatever they want.

    I would not trust the words of either of them.

    Why would you trust anyone that is going around telling people not to vote, regardless of what side they appear to be on?

  3. What a bunch of morons. Everyone knows the saying is “party hearty”. Sheesh!

  4. Because it’s an oversimplification and misrepresentation of what happened, Neal, and all these Republicans like Ted Cruz and Ben Shapiro should know better.

    Lin Wood said Republicans should not vote IF Loeffler and Perdue don’t put more pressure on Kemp and the state legislature to not send 16 Democratic electors. He said they need to earn people’s votes by fighting for Trump.

    If you concede the point that Democrats cheated and Trump lost Georgia, why should Republicans vote in another rigged Georgia election? So Republicans should either say the election was fair or say it was not fair and stand with Trump. But if you say it was not fair and do not stand up for Trump or fair elections, why should Republicans vote? It doesn’t make sense.

    I don’t pay much attention to Powell. I know the media is talking about how supposedly incompetent Rudy is too, yet when I watched those hearings I thought he made a great case. He has also shined in some interviews on Fox. Now they are even talking about how Rudy may have farted. Anyway, Trump has distanced himself from Powell so perhaps that’s a bit of a red herring from the media.

    Remember that Lin Wood was defending the Covington kids when Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, and other “Republicans” were throwing them under the bus with no context to the video that CNN showed. “Republicans” are too willing to embrace narratives created by their opponents. The Republican Party is largely a party of spineless worthless idiots. Some don’t have a clue, some are wimps, others are traitors.

    That’s the real reason there is revolt. Not because of Democrats like Shake astroturfing a tweet. Not because Lin Wood is a secret Democrat who is duping people. It’s because people are sick of the GOP’s timidity and acquiescence. This is why Trump was elected in the first place instead of Jeb or anybody else.

    I have repeatedly tried to warn people on this blog about CON INC including Dan Crenshaw and Charlie Kirk.

    Finally, the patriots are starting to wake up!

  5. Even if Lin Wood is on the up and up, such a strategy is a huge risk.

    If the democrats get the senate and the white house they will do everything possible to turn us into the United States of Woketopia.

    My problem with Sidney Powells claims so far is that the machine has a paper trail so she would need to show that paper ballots were injected in the system some how.

    I’m sorry but with claims like hers you simply have to take a minute to consider that it might be disinformation or a distraction from the truth.

    She might even believe it herself but is being fed bad information.

    This is a political civil war at this point, anything is possible.

  6. This is Wood and Powell twisting purposes to the aggrandizement of their own cases they’re currently running and billing for.

    The idea of a vote boycott is beyond reason.

    Unless you want to keep the billings kettle on boil.


  7. Nobody obeys a vote boycott. 😐

    US Senate terms usually begin January 3.

    A January 5 US Senate runoff sounds late.😐

  8. Milk toast republicans do no good.

    These two senators need to step up.

  9. In urging Republicans in Georgia not to vote for the Republican candidates in the upcoming U.S. Senate runoffs, just who is Mr. Wood advocating on behalf of ?

    The Republican Party ?

    President Trump ?

  10. DanCrenshaw has presidential ambitions.

    Dan Crenshaw is a pos McCain traitor and globalist.

    Show Dan Crenshaw the door.

  11. Nah, not sticking up for anyone.

    Just pointing out Lopez’s hypocrisy.

    And I agree with Wood (and Lopez) that Republicans shouldn’t vote for the Republican candidates!

    But seeing how quickly Lopez’s mancrush on Crenshaw went away is also fun.

  12. Kinsinger has higher state aspirations so he needs Dem votes which is why he mouths off about Trump.

    He needs to be shown the door, he thinks he is a pretty boy and because he is a member of the State National Guard he somehow can talk smack.

    As if directing traffic after a Tornado is so noble.

  13. Alabama Ninny, your hypocrisy is legendary, as your trans boyfriend constantly sez, and can readily confirm..

    Lopez is no ‘hypocrite, why do you call him that?

    Are you projecting again?

  14. Adam Kinzinger (R) can run for Illinois Secretary of State, against Karen Yarbrough (D) or Alexi Giannoulis (D), but will most likely lose. ☹️

    Illinois trends Democratic and Adam’s anti-Trump views doesn’t endear him to Republicans. ☹️

  15. Adam is an AIPAC whore who needs to become a registered foreign agent.

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