UPDATED: Catalina Lauf Proving She Can Raise Money for Conservative Candidates

Catalina Lauf

Lauf’s Defense of Freedom PAC shows her initial $5,000 investment grew nearly 20x inside 5 months

As reported earlier this fall on McHenry County Blog, former 14th Congressional District candidate Catalina Lauf publicly launched her Defense of Freedom PAC (DOFPAC) in late September with an initial $5,000 investment from her congressional campaign account.

Through November 23 according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports, DOFPAC has raised just under $96,000, contributed monies to 12 Republican campaigns this fall and is positioned to grow entering the 2022 election cycle.

Per the FEC 2nd and 3rd quarter reports, along with the Pre- and Post-election reports, here are the financials:

Reporting PeriodReceiptsDisbursementsCash on Hand
Q2 2020 (Started 6/24/20)       5,000.00                           –            5,000.00
Q3 2020           759.50              3,226.10          2,533.40
Pre-Election 10/1 thru 10/14       3,300.00              1,037.00          4,796.40
Post-Election 10/15 thru 11/23     86,758.24            55,721.57        35,833.07
TOTAL 6/24-11/23     95,817.74            59,984.67
Source: FEC Campaign Disclosure Reports for PACs

In light of Catalina Lauf’s DOFPAC financial performance, she issued the following statement:

“I am excited for my continued involvement in the conservative movement and am committed to using my platform to help elect the next generation of leaders to the Republican Party.

“Given the state of our current political environment including the threat of an unfair electoral process, the very essence of founding principles are under attack.

“It’s important, now more than ever, for Republicans to band together and provide support to others in any capacity we can.”

Catalina Lauf statement of Defense of Freedom PAC performance 12/8/20


Lauf’s DOFPAC contributed directly to the campaigns of the following Federal candidates. Unlike a super PAC, a PAC donates monies directly to a campaign:

Candidate Amount 
President Trump Victory             1,000
John James (MI-Sen)             1,000
Aliscia Andrews (VA-10)             1,000
Lauren Boebert (CO-03)                 500
Madison Cawthorn (NC-11)                 500
Congressman Dan Crenshaw (TX-02)             1,000
Congressman Mike Garcia (CA-25)             1,000
Tamika Hamilton (CA-03)                 500
Anna Paulina Luna (FL-13)             1,000
Burgess Owens (UT-04)             1,000
Sean Parnell (PA-17)             1,000
Alek Skarlatos (OR-04)             1,000

Update: Additional DOFPAC Statement from Catalina Lauf

After this article posted, Catalina Lauf posted the following on her Instagram page concerning DOFPAC:

“~100k raised in around 5 months, could not have been done without the support of Patriots all over the Country.

“Thank you for your continued belief in me and for supporting the Defense of Freedom PAC in its efforts to help rockstar candidates and non-profits that are doing amazing work.

“I have been and always will be, fiercely committed to using my platform to help others and our collective mission of preserving the values of our great Country, as well as the many organizations and people who make her a better place!

“***Not to mention, we’re bringing in a little bit of the tech / startup culture to politics. Very proud of that

“Our end of year non-profit contributions will be announced soon! Head to http://dofpac.com to learn more and consider supporting!”

Catalina Lauf Instagram post 12/8/20


OBSERVATION: Recalling how Lauf’s congressional campaign began in August of 2019, she ran her campaign like a “start-up”.

It’s clear Lauf’s DOFPAC has run the same way, and from the seed money of $5,000 DOFPAC has thrived and has proven thus far Catalina Lauf does not have to be a candidate to raise a significant amount of money under FEC rules.

DOFPAC’s FEC reports can be viewed here.


UPDATED: Catalina Lauf Proving She Can Raise Money for Conservative Candidates — 9 Comments

  1. She is still sucking up to Trump even though he is dead in the water, largely by virtue of his own Supreme Court (9-0 folks).

    Catalina Fluff is still a jerk.

  2. Leave it to the DEMOCRAT to have the shallowest, dumbest criticism of Lauf.

    I saw you people try to attack her in the primary and it was pathetic.

    You brought up traffic tickets she received when she was a teenager.

    You brought up her drinking in college.

    Now she is sucking up to Trump. Wow…

    You are TERRIBLE at criticizing Republicans!

    Below is a critique of Lauf but NOT from a low IQ anti-Trump point of view like whatever Heinrich’s last comment was.

    These are the concerns that a Republican or pro-Trump person might have about Lauf and this story…


    How come Lauf didn’t give money to Illinois GOP congressional candidates like Davis, Ives, Bost, King, or Oberweis?

    Did she ever say publicly to vote for Jim Oberweis (besides for the private events)?

    Did she ever encourage people on social media to vote for Oberweis or to contribute money to him?

    Did she ever speak against the Democrats in McHenry County who are trying to kick out ICE?

    Not a question but a comment: There were 65 entries in the itemized contributions list when filtered by raw data. I counted just five from Illinois.

    I remember back in the primary she had a high % of outside contributors — much higher than the other candidates.

    I know John and others are excited because she’s doing a good job at raising money but I have always been deeply suspicious of her motives and her overall thrust into politics and fame.

    I still am and I’m not the only one.

    Perhaps if she went to a county board meeting, or gave money to candidates who represent McHenry County, or found some other way to dispel the notion that she is using politics to become a celebrity then she’d get more local contributions.

    I have a feeling she won’t be doing much of that.

    She hasn’t done it yet and this blog has been writing articles about her since… August of 2019(?).

    It seems like her sights are set high as she ignores her own community and state. It reminds me of Charlie Kirk and some of these other e-celebrities.

  3. @Correcting- Lauf did plenty of outreach during her run. Just because she didn’t kowtow to the usual local idiots doesn’t mean she didn’t resonate with the voters.

    Apparently her win of the McHenry County primary vote is all of the local contributions that she needed.

  4. Correcting, thank you for the thought-out, great questions and comments.

    Only Catalina Lauf can answer those specific questions of yours, they are good/valid questions, and it’s up to her to answer, or she may choose not to answer. That’s her call. Currently, she is not running for public office and as I wrote earlier this year, she ended her Catalina for Congress FEC committee in late July.

    Several of the questions will be valid questions if/when Lauf seeks election to elective public office, whether for Congress or some other office. That too, is up to Lauf if/when that happens, and should she run for a Republican office, or party office in the future, everything with DOFPAC is part of Lauf’s record, which she’ll be both helped and held accountable for all components of her record.

    I must point out, “excited” overstates my view, yet I am clearly impressed for a variety of positive reasons, noting the questions asked are valid.

    1) DOFPAC marks real, tangible and measurable growth for Catalina Lauf since the March primary. Taking $5K seed money, and growing it into a successful PAC with her “branding” impressed me. On November 23, she had over 7x cash-on-hand from her initial $5K investment on June 24. Considering she didn’t publicly launch the PAC until late September means the monies raised was inside two months. No matter how one cuts it, it’s impressive.

    2) The candidates she donated showed for the first time she broke out of the mold of only backing Millennials. Of the 12 individual campaigns backed by DOFPAC, 3 were NOT Millennials, including the President and Burgess Owens (Baby Boomers) and Congressman Mike Garcia (GenX). While 75% of candidates DOFPAC backed were Millennials, her inclusion of Garcia was someone I had not seen her promote on social media, apart from a congratulations tweet after his special election win in May. Indeed, offline, I wondered why many Illinois Republicans after early June, didn’t bring up the Garcia example of Leftist policies driving blue voters to vote Republican.

    3) Nos. 1 & 2 above show me genuine real growth that can be measured. While Lauf’s campaign from August 2019 won a significant portion of the primary electorate for a good showing with 20% of the primary vote, she has grown since the primary to starting a successful Federal PAC and raising money to help other Republicans win. Clearly, hiring a professional Texas-based fundraiser who was working on commission helped her boost DOFPAC’s revenues, but in spite of the commission DOFPAC paid as a cost of doing business, she showed a profit, and contributed monies to campaigns to many candidates in competitive races.

    Of the 12 campaigns DOFPAC contributed, 5 candidates won, and two (Congressman Garcia, Owens) were in very close races. And most of the others were competitive that went the other way.

    Lauf likely will adapt, clearly a gap is present in local (defined as Illinois as well as McHenry County), but if she keeps her positive growth, she will be a better candidate in the future while adapting to meet any challenges real or perceived for DOFPAC. No one is perfect, yet it’s candidates who adapt and grow, hopefully the right way, are the ones who will thrive in the future.

  5. Catalina Lauf should ould start campaigning in Guatemala City, zone 6!

  6. Are Jim Oberweis and Donald Trump winning?

    I hope so.

    They are such good freedom fighters.

  7. I would like to DONATE to your campaign.

    I have clicked on every heading supporting Catalina Lauf and cannot locate a physical address in order to MAIL A CHECK of Support.

    Please provide the information.

    Thanks, O. J. Toole

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